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​Multi-Site Remediation Agreements

Voluntary multi-site agreements have been so effective in Pennsylvania because they provide solutions to past problems and help to accelerate the process of "closing out" sites. Although the individual agreements are customized to some degree, the solutions they provide are predicated upon enhanced communication, predictable financial expenditures and improved consensus on technical issues. The MSA process allows companies and other agencies to more easily and efficiently incorporate environmental perspectives and goals into current and future business plans. MSAs have benefited the environment, DEP and the other party of the agreement - three winners and no losers.

In the MSA negotiation process, both DEP and the other negotiating party define common goals, objectives and desired outcomes. Subsequent steps include mutual development of a site inventory that forms the basis for quantifying the workload to be addressed under the MSA. A consensus is reached regarding significant on-going issues, and a mechanism is created to address any future technical issues. The environmental assessment and cleanup work that may be necessary typically follows Pennsylvania's Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act. Other features, such as master schedules, deliverables and a cooperative planning process, are added to complete the agreement before each party conducts a thorough legal review of the draft agreement.

Please contact the Site Remediation Division at (717) 787-0886 for more information.