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Third Stakeholder Meeting: September 14, 2017, Villanova University, Radnor, PA

  • Introduction: PowerPoint (PDF)  Audio (MP3)
    • Dave Althoff, Principal Investigator
  • Panel Discussion: Solar Energy Ownership and Investment:  Audio (MP3)
    • Maureen Mulligan, Sustainable Futures Communications LLC, Harrisburg (Moderator)
    • Ethan Case, Policy Analyst, Cypress Creek Renewables, Asheville, NC
    • John McCawley, Director, Energy Acquisition, PECO Energy, Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania Solar Energy Development Outcomes Modeling Report:  Audio (MP3) | PowerPoint (PPT) | Overview (DOC) 
    • Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Alternative Ratemaking Webinar, August 23, 2017 

Thanks to the approximately 75 stakeholders who participated in the webinar discussing alterative ratemaking potential impact on PA’s Solar Future. 

Three presenters: Karl Rabago  Executive Director of Pace Energy and Climate Center, Eric Miller of KEEA, and  Alan Cohn, Manager of Regulatory Strategy, PECO, explored topics such as: the value of solar, time of use rates, buy all/sell all tariffs, etc. Each presenter provided a 15-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of questions answers and discussion among the panel. We highly recommend all stakeholders view the webinar prior to the September 14th stakeholder meeting.  

Thanks to the approximately 50 stakeholders who participated in the webinar on long-range energy alternatives planning (LEAP) modeling for Finding’s Pennsylvania’s Solar Future. Staff from Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) covered about 20 questions submitted in advance, as well as excellent inquiries along the way. The webinar provided interested stakeholders with a great opportunity for further insight into the modeling process. VEIC also gave us a heads up on some of the baseline modeling information they plan to present at the June 8 stakeholder meeting. We highly recommend that all project participants view the webinar at the above link prior to the June 8 meeting.

Project Kickoff Stakeholders Meeting: March 2, 2017, Department of Environmental Protection, Harrisburg:

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