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Volkswagen Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Fund

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the potential opportunities provided under the Volkswagen Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Fund to bring forward the next generation of zero emission vehicle technologies into the Pennsylvania transportation marketplace to benefit Pennsylvanian's citizens.

Volkswagen will be investing $2.0 billion over the next 10 years in ZEV infrastructure and awareness pursuant to Appendix C of the Partial Consent Decree entered into by Volkswagen and approved by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on October 25, 2016. Under the Partial Consent Decree, Volkswagen will spend $800 million on ZEV Investments in California and the remaining $1.2 billion on ZEV investments in all other areas in the United States.

Of the $1.2 billion allocated to other areas of the United States, including Pennsylvania, Volkswagen will spend $300 million through four 30-month investment cycles, unless otherwise approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Citizens, businesses, state and local governments, and others in Pennsylvania could benefit from competitively applying for and receiving funding from the $1.2 billion ZEV Investment Commitment, which will serve to build a nationwide network of workplace, community, and highway vehicle charging infrastructure that is convenient and reliable while contributing to a reduction in NOx emissions from vehicles. Additional information relating to the Partial Consent Decree can be found here

VW’s National ZEV Investment Plan has been approved by the EPA.  The public version can be viewed here.  

Pennsylvania is a prime candidate for ZEV Fund Infrastructure projects. We are poised to assist Volkswagen in selecting projects for deployment in our state. Pennsylvania is an attractive ZEV deployment location because of its centrally located transportation nexus for the Northeast, Midwest and Southern portions of the United States. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), along with citizens, businesses, state agencies and local governments, can assist Volkswagen by drawing upon our background, experience, and existing partnerships to link emissions reduction transportation opportunities to the commonwealth's skilled trades workforce and economic development.

Pennsylvania's past experience in deploying ZEV technologies makes Pennsylvania an attractive location for Volkswagen to successfully complete ZEV deployment and zero emission infrastructure refueling projects throughout the Commonwealth.

Eligible Volkswagen ZEV Fund Categories

  1. Infrastructure – includes the design, construction/installation, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, such as Level 2 chargers at multi-unit dwellings, workplaces and public sites; direct current (DC) fast-charging facilities accessible to all vehicles utilizing nonproprietary connectors; and ZEV fueling stations.
  2. Brand-neutral education and public outreach that increases public awareness of ZEVs.
  3. Actions or programs to increase public exposure and/or access to ZEVs without requiring the consumer to purchase or lease a ZEV at full market value (for example, ZEV car-sharing services; and ZEV ride-hailing services, including but not limited to ZEV autonomous vehicles).

How To Get Involved

Submit Your Project:

  1. Directly through the Volkswagen ZEV website; or
  2. By contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at or 717.783.8411 to explain your proposed plans and projects. DEP will then provide further direction. Benefits of submitting your project through DEP include adding value to your project by having DEP review, comment, offer support, and suggest partners and other opportunities that may enhance the chances of being considered for ZEV funding. DEP will review projects for quality assurance and may provide a letter of support.

DEP is particularly interested in promoting partnerships and projects that involve collaborations across states and regions. DEP envisions these projects as promoting critical infrastructure along transportation corridors connecting states and regions.

Should your project not be selected by Volkswagen to receive support from the ZEV Fund, DEP may be able to assist you by identifying other potential funding sources that could be used to deploy all or a portion of your project.

What is a ZEV?

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs): Any on-road passenger car or light-duty vehicle, light-duty truck, medium-duty vehicle, or heavy-duty vehicle that produces zero exhaust emissions of all of the following pollutants: non-methane organic gases, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, methane, formaldehyde, oxides of nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. This includes but is not limited to battery electric vehicles ("BEV"); fuel cell vehicles; on-road plug-in hybrid electric vehicles ("PHEV") with zero emission range greater than 35 miles (as measured on the federal Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule ("UDDS") in the case of passenger cars, light-duty vehicles and light-duty trucks, and 10 miles as measured on the federal UDDS in the case of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles), and on-road heavy-duty vehicles with an electric power take off.

ZEVs do not include: zero emission off-road equipment and vehicles; zero emission light rail; additions to transit bus fleets utilizing existing catenary electric power; or any vehicle not capable of being licensed for use on public roads.

See for more information about Volkswagen's ZEV Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For additional information on financial support available through the Volkswagen ZEV Fund, please see the EPA FAQ document.

Contact DEP

If you have questions or comments, please contact: or 717.783.8411.

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