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Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory

Circle chart of PA greenhouse gas emissionsDEP is required by the Pennsylvania Climate Change Act to compile an annual inventory of GHGs emitted in Pennsylvania. The inventory must establish GHG emission trends and contributions of major sectors, including, but not limited to the transportation, electricity generation, industrial, commercial, mineral and natural resources, production of alternative fuel, agricultural and domestic sectors.

In 2020, (the most recent data available for the 2023 Inventory) Pennsylvania was responsible for approximately 238 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) being emitted into the atmosphere. Production and consumption of energy accounted for nearly 90 percent of these emissions. Pennsylvania’s forestry and land use sector sequestered over 24 MMTCO2e in 2020.

The current inventory can be found here:

Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gas Inventory – 2023 (PDF)