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Learn About Technical Guidance


Technical Guidance Documents (TGDs) provide practical and specialized direction to DEP program staff, the regulated community and the public. TGDs are not regulations, but may summarize what statutes and regulations require. They can also explain how DEP interprets a specific requirement. All TGDs are located in DEP's eLibrary.

Typically, TGDs are used to:

  • Explain technical or administrative procedures
  • Assist in compliance with statutes or regulations
  • Establish policies.

When DEP develops a new TGD or substantially revises an existing one, a public comment period is opened lasting at least 30 days. Anyone may view open comment periods or comment on a draft TGD during the open comment period via eComment or by following the directions listed in the Pennsylvania Bulletin Notice, the link for which is also provided in eComment.

To find out if a Technical Guidance Document has been recently finalized, click on Recently Finalized Technical Guidance or search for one in the eLibrary.

Non-Regulatory Agenda

The Non-Regulatory Agenda serves as a guide and resource to the regulated community, the public, Department staff and members of the Department's advisory committees regarding the focus of the Department's policy development for the coming year. The types of documents listed in the Agenda include policies and technical guidance documents that provide directives, guidance or other relevant compliance related information (click the link above to view the Non-Regulatory Agenda).