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Public Comments

The DEP encourages effective public participation in the development of its rulemakings, technical guidance, permits, and other proposals. This includes accepting public comment on department initiatives, working with advisory committees where interested individuals and subject-matter experts provide input and recommendations, and providing enhanced public participation opportunities in Environmental Justice communities.

Click here to comment on Open Regulations. Resources for participating in the rulemaking process are available on the Environmental Quality Board website. To provide input or learn about how to submit comments on proposed regulations, please visit the Proposed Regulations website.

Click here to comment on Open Policies, Technical Guidance, General Permits, Air Quality State Implementation Plan revisions or other Reports. Through eComment the public can also access the full text of department policies and technical guidance documents that are open for public comment view all public comments submitted and draft new comments. To see recently closed and recently finalized documents, please visit the Technical Guidance or Other Proposals website.

Submission and Tracking of Permits

DEP's Environment Facility Application Compliance Tracking System or eFACTS allows users to find more information on permits received or to track the progress of a specific permit. To learn more, click here.

DEP's Electronic Notification System, eNOTICE, allows users to receive specific updates on selected items such as permit applications, draft technical documents, regulations and Land Recycling Act 2 Notices. To learn more, click here.

In addition to the Pennsylvania Bulletin, DEP publishes notice of all public meetings and/or hearings on proposed permits in the department's Calendar of Events.