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Sizzling News for Commercial Kitchens: Get up to $8,500 to Learn about Sustainability and Electrify Your Cooking

July 12, 2023 10:00 AM

​The DEP Cooking in Healthy Electrified Commercial Kitchens (CHECK) program is now offering up to $8,500 in rebate funding to help commercial kitchens switch to induction ranges and other electric equipment and become sustainable, healthier creators of deliciousness. First, attend one of our educational workshops this summer or view a CHECK webinar. Then, purchase electric equipment and apply for a rebate by December 31. Along with schools and nonprofit community service organizations, restaurants are now eligible!

Workshops will be held August 3 at Chatham University Eden Hall Campus in Pittsburgh and September 15 at RE Farm Cafe in State College. A live webinar for restaurants will also be offered sometime this summer. For information, visit

In April, I was delighted to be part of a transformative event at RE Farm Cafe at Windswept Farms in State College titled Cooking in Healthy Electrified Commercial Kitchens (CHECK) workshop. The event was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania (PSR).

A cooking demo in the electrified kitchen at Re Farm

Immersed in the cafe’s tranquil ambiance, surrounded by nature’s beauty and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, we were nevertheless on a revolutionary mission: to make commercial kitchens more sustainable and healthier places to create and serve delectable food.

The workshop was a melting pot of ideas, experiences, perspectives--and the best Baba Ganouj I’ve ever eaten! Owners Duke and Monica talked about their incredible farm cafe, and guests shared their insights on how the CHECK program can benefit their school districts, higher education institutions, nonprofits, restaurants, and clients.

Exploring the economic advantages (such as operational efficiency), positive health impacts (such as improved air quality), and reduced carbon footprint of electrification ignited a sense of empowerment among all attendees.

And of course we enjoyed a hands-on experience with cutting-edge induction equipment. We cooked on induction ranges, griddles, and woks, tasting the delicious possibilities electrification offers.

With one bite, it was evident that embracing electric solutions doesn’t compromise culinary creativity, but rather enhances it.

The electrification workshop at RE Farm Cafe was an incredible milestone in our journey towards a sustainable culinary future. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Windswept Farms, we shared unforgettable moments, delectable food, and invaluable knowledge.

As we continue to empower the culinary industry through electrification, I look forward with excitement to two upcoming CHECK workshops on August 3 at Chatham University's Eden Hall campus and September 15 back at RE Farm Cafe. The CHECK program presents a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with industry experts, and embark on your sustainable journey. I hope to see you there.

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