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Waste Motor Oil Collection Sites

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Bureau of Waste Management are encouraging government agencies and businesses that change motor oil to volunteer to serve as waste oil collection sites (WOCS). A WOCS is a place where private citizens and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) can drop off waste motor oil in an appropriately-designed drum or tank. The collection site should be well marked to ensure that it is only used for uncontaminated lubricating oil and it should be serviced regularly by a waste oil transporter.

How to Register

To register, complete DEP’s one page Waste Oil Collection Site Registration Form and submit it to your County Recycling Coordinator. To request additional information, or to have a technician contact you concerning waste oil recovery, call and place your request on DEP’s Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242.


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Management Responsibilities for Waste Oil Collection Sites

  • Displaying a sign indicating that the location is a waste oil collection site.
  • Providing a suitable waste oil collection container easily accessible to the public.
  • Maintaining a properly operated waste oil collection tank within close proximity to the public waste oil collection container to minimize the chance of spills.
  • Inspecting the collection site daily.
  • Arranging for a reliable waste oil transporter to pick up oil for recycling and proper management.
  • Having procedures in place to ensure that the site does not accept from the public any water, antifreeze, other residual or hazardous wastes or contaminants.
  • Installing safeguards to prevent the deposit of hazardous, incompatible, or other materials that could contaminate the waste oil, to prevent fire hazards, and to control and respond to spills or releases.
  • Maintaining records of how much oil is collected from the public, who collects and transports the oil and its offsite disposition, and the filing of the necessary forms with DEP.

Please note that DEP regulates a WOCS as either a waste oil collection center or a waste oil aggregation point. Most WOCS’s are regulated as waste oil collection centers. The management responsibilities noted above are applicable to both waste oil collection centers and waste oil aggregation points. DEP recommends that you consult the regulations at 25 Pa. Code, Chapter 298, Subchapter D for additional management requirements.