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Field Programs List

Program Description Field Office
Air Quality Reviews permit applications, inspects facilities regarding air pollution concerns and compliance with Air Pollution Control Act, and monitors asbestos removal projects. All Regional Offices
Emergency Response Responds to environmental accidents or emergencies, providing assistance to local and county fire companies and private cleanup companies. All Regional Offices
Environmental Cleanup Oversees remediation of contaminated land and water. Implements the Land Recycling Program (Act 2) and Hazardous Sites Cleanup Program. Assists in monitoring and cleanup of federal facilities and federal Superfund sites. All Regional Offices
Mining: Coal and Industrial Minerals Reviews permit applications for and inspects facilities that conduct coal and industrial mineral extractions. Administers Mine Subsidence Insurance Program. All District Mining Offices
Mining: Mine Safety Inspects underground mines and conducts related activities to protect miners and the public from hazards associated with underground mining. Provides safety-related training to mine operators New Stanton
Mining: Abandoned Mine Reclamation Resolves problems associated with mine fires, subsidence, dangerous highwalls and other hazards at abandoned mines. Participates in abatement and treatment of acid mine drainage discharging from abandoned mines. Wilkes Barre
Office of Energy and Technology Development Provides pollution prevention and compliance assistance information to the public and regulated communities. Conducts site visits to regulated facilities. Participates in outreach programs. Serves as DEP's principal office for energy policy, the assessment of energy and environmental technology and the promotion of the use of appropriate technology to address environmental problems. All Regional Offices
Oil & Gas Reviews permit applications for and inspects oil and gas well drilling activities. Northcentral, Southwest, and Northwest Regional Offices
Radiation Protection Inspects users of radioactive materials and radiation equipment, e.g., x-ray equipment. Conducts programs for radiation source control and surveillance, radon monitoring and remediation, site decommissioning, and responds to radiological and nuclear power plant emergencies. Southeast, Southcentral and Southwest Regional Offices
Storage Tanks Reviews registration applications for and inspects aboveground and underground storage tanks. Administers program regarding qualifications of persons and companies that conduct inspection, cleanup and related activities regarding storage tanks. All Regional Offices
Vector Management Implements the West Nile Virus and Black Fly control programs All Regional Offices
Waste Management Reviews permit applications for and conducts inspections related to municipal, residual, hazardous, and medical waste transportation, storage, treatment and disposal. Administers recycling and waste planning programs. All Regional Offices
Water Management: Dam Safety Reviews permit applications and inspects dams regarding concerns about the safety of dams. All Regional Offices
Water Management: Sewage Administers programs relating to municipal sewer systems and sewage facilities planning. All Regional Offices
Water Management: Soils and Waterways Reviews wetlands, encroachment, and erosion and sedimentation control permit applications and conducts inspections in these areas All Regional Offices
Water Management: Water Pollution Reviews NPDES, sewage and stormwater permit applications for and inspects water pollution discharges. All Regional Offices
Watershed Management Assists in formation of watershed associations. Provides information and assistance on grant opportunities, and serves as a liaison between community groups and other DEP programs. All Regional Offices
Water Supply Management Reviews permit applications for and inspects public water suppliers and bottled water suppliers. Conducts program regarding detection of West Nile Virus. Reviews herbicide, algaecide and fish control chemicals permit applications in conjunction with the Fish and Boat Commission. All Regional Offices