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DEP Program Involvement

DEP is committed to devoting the appropriate programs to sites as needed. The Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, and Hazardous Sites Cleanup programs will coordinate efforts to protect the residents of the Commonwealth.


The Safe Drinking Water Program is charged with managing the federally delegated drinking water program and implements both the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act and associated regulations. This program oversees permits, compliance, and operations as they pertain to public water systems across the Commonwealth, and works to take wells offline when concentrations of PFCs are found to exceed the HA.


The Clean Water Program is responsible for protecting and preserving the waters of the Commonwealth. This program primarily focuses on requiring, and ensuring the effectiveness of, treatment systems that discharge to surface and ground water.


The Hazardous Sites Cleanup Program administers the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act of 1988 (HSCA), which provides DEP with the funding and authority to conduct cleanup actions and investigations to determine the extent of contamination and search for a solution. It is through this program that private wells in areas where concentrations of PFCs have exceeded the HA are sampled and analyzed, and alternative drinking water supplies provided when those private wells have contained concentrations of PFCs that exceed the HA.