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(TWO RIVERS, 30 MINUTES) -- Huge portions of the Mon Valley were mined for coal, beginning in the 
late 1700s and continuing up through World War II. 

(WBRE/WYOU) -- A family of six has been displaced for the last 17-days because the ground gave way behind their house. Now, they finally has some good news. 

(TRIBLIVE) -- Part of an Upper St. Clair baseball field in Boyce Mayview Park has sunk more than 3 feet, a result of mine subsidence that will close the field the rest of the summer, the township manager said. 

(TRIBLIVE) -- Sending property owners a notice showing how their buildings sit above old mines has encouraged more of them to subscribe to a nonprofit state mine subsidence insurance program, a state official said. 

(90.5 WESA) -- Nearly 90 percent of Pleasant Hills sits above old mines. So, the state Department of Environmental Protection is sending mine subsidence insurance (MSI) reminders to about 2,000 property owners in the borough. 

(TRIBLIVE) -- The state Department of Environmental Protection plans to notify 2,000 Pleasant Hills households about potential mine subsidence. 

(DEP) -- The Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Mine Subsidence Insurance (MSI) Program is sending out notices to about 2,000 property owners in Pleasant Hills Borough, Allegheny County, to alert them of abandoned coal mines beneath their property, increasing their risk of damage from mine subsidence.