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Sales Tips & Tools

Our Sales Kit will help you maximize the return on your sales efforts.

Along with the following sales strategy, all the tools you need to successfully sell Mine Subsidence Insurance are right here on our web site. Feel free to add your own strategies, techniques and materials to those we suggest.

Here's How to Sell Mine Subsidence Insurance:
  1. Click on "Register Now" and register via the DEP Greenport.
  2. Sort your customer list/database by zip code and municipality.
  3. Click on "Producer Login" and log into the DEP Greenport.
  4. Enter the zip codes and municipalities of your customers into the MSI system and check the mining conditions.

(Note: If after checking you are in doubt as to the results, recommend coverage to your customer. After you submit each application, we further investigate the mining conditions and contact your customer if we believe there is no risk. The choice of coverage, however, is always left to the applicant.)

5. Now it is up to you. Call or send a mailing to each at-risk customer. We suggest a mailing consisting of a combination of the following items from our Sales Kit:

a. Customer Letter (Use ours below or one you create.)
b. Customer Brochure or Sales Sheet below
c. Premium Rate Chart (3 per sheet, trim out as needed)
d. Customer Information Sheet (Mail it or use it to gather information via the phone or email.)
e. Your Company's Return Envelope

Printing Note: To reproduce any of the above documents, use your computer's printer or a commercial printer of your choice. (Commercial printers may prefer that you download the high resolution files to disk.) They can be printed in black and white or full color, on the paper of your choice.

6. Once you receive applications and premium checks from your customers, go to the MSI homepage , click on "Producer Login" and log into the DEP Greenport.

7. Submit the applications and mail us the premiums as instructed.

8. You can MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TIME by submitting more than one application while you are logged into the MSI system. If you are able to batch and submit multiple applications while logged in, your time will be more productive. However please do not hesitate to submit single applications on the day you receive them. Keep in mind that MSI coverage is binding upon the submission of an application if the premium is received within 60 days of the application or, thereafter, when the premium is received.