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Carson's Story

Falcons really like gravel to lay their eggs on. You see, falcons nested on high rocky cliffs with loose gravel on the ledges for thousands of years. Knowing this, the Game Commission placed a gravel-filled nest box on the 15th floor ledge of the Rachel Carson State Office Building, in Harrisburg. This building is the Central Office for DEP. Soon, Carson discovered the nest box and went off on a long journey to find a female to bring back to the nest. Two weeks later Carson returned with an adult female peregrine falcon. He hunted all day for an entire week to bring food to the female in the hope that she would accept him as a good provider. Carson must have done well because the female did accept him and the nest site and they became a nesting pair. For two long years there were no eggs. This was a problem, not only for Carson and his new mate but for biologists as well. There were only 12 active nest sites in the whole state and this was one that they counted on for producing young falcons to increase the population.