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Female Peregrine

Carson's Story

Biologists learned from the leg band codes on the new female that she had fledged from the National Monument in Washington, DC, and her father was an escaped falconer's bird. He was a hybrid, a cross between a prairie and peregrine falcon, and because of that the young female could not reproduce in the wild. In 1999 she was captured and sent to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh to be an education bird. The hope was that the male would seek out another female peregrine. Within two weeks, the male returned with new female. Her band code was 4/4, and shefledged from the Girard Point Bridge in Philadelphia in the summer of 1998. Sheresided at the Rachel Carson nest site until September 2010. In the spring of 2000, the pair had their first brood of young peregrines. The pair had five successful nesting seasons together.