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Carson's Mate

Carson's Story

What happened to Carson's mate after he was injured? Of all the scenarios that could have played out at the Rachel Carson State Office Building peregrine nest site, the most hopeful happened. On Sunday, February 6th, DEP policy staff spotted two peregrines flying together near the nest ledge. Later, they were seen on the ledge exhibiting ritual courtship behavior. One question on the minds of falcon watchers for some time was, how long would the Rachel Carson female peregrine wait for her mate to return? Well, the answer, at least for this female is 52 days. For several weeks she perched at locations normally occupied by the male, seemingly to increase her odds of spotting him. Although peregrines do mate for life, they have an intense desire to mate and have young. So, they will take another mate under certain circumstances. Rachel's female peregrine pair bonded with the new male, W/V, and they successfully fledged three young in June of 2005.