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Carson and His Legacy

Carson's Story

So, where is Carson now and how did he get his name? On Dec.16,2004, an adult male peregrine was discovered injured along the rail line in Harrisburg. It turned out to be the Harrisburg male. His wing was badly injured and he would have to be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center. In a rehabilitation center, the staff must care for injured and sick wildlife daily-feeding, medicating, exercising and so on. The goal is to make wildlife strong and healthy again and release them back to the wild. Some wildlife cannot be released because their injuries were too severe. These birds are given names and often sent to zoos or other organizations that do wildlife education. The Harrisburg male was named Carson and went to ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park in Hershey, PA, as an education bird. He was given the name Carson in honor of Rachel Carson, the famed scientist, author and environmental advocate for whom the Rachel Carson State Office building was named.

Carson, the celebrity peregrine falcon, lived and worked at ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park in Hershey, PA. He worked in the sense that he made public appearances with wildlife educators to teach children and adults about raptors. Carson was a celebrity all his life and rightfully so. As a breeding peregrine falcon, he produced 20 young peregrines and helped people understand the importance of biodiversity and a clean, healthy environment. Carson was then retired to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Ironically, a squirrel chewed through netting enabling Carson's escape from the facility. It is not known whether or not Carson had returned to the ledge to attempt to reclaim his territory. In any case, he will finish out his remaining days as a free and wild raptor, as it should be.