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Tips for Travel Reimbursement

Grantees are subject to the same rates and restrictions for travel reimbursement as state employees. Please follow these rates and restrictions when submitting your invoices. More detail is given at the OA website.

Use of Personal Automobile: Travel by personal automobile for the purpose of official business is reimbursed at no more than .54 cents per mile. Distance claimed must be distance from home to work site or office to work site whichever is shortest.

Meals: Subsistence for meals in an overnight travel status is reimbursed at the rate of $41 for each 24-hour period (unless in a high cost area). Partial days in an overnight travel status are reimbursed at the following rates:

  • 0 to less than 3 hours $0
  • 3 hours, 1 minute to 6 hours, 1 minute $4.50
  • 6 hours, 2 minutes to 9 hours, 2 minutes $9.00
  • 9 hours, 3 minutes to 12 hours, 3 minutes $13.50
  • 12 hours, 4 minutes to 15 hours, 4 minutes $18.00
  • 15 hours, 5 minutes to 18 hours, 5 minutes $22.50
  • 18 hours, 6 minutes to 21 hours, 6 minutes $27.00

For each meal provided without cost to grantee, subsistence claims must be reduced by the following amounts:

  • Breakfast $7
  • Lunch $11
  • Dinner $23

Ineligible Items: Charges that will NOT be reimbursed include:

  • Charges for laundry and dry cleaning
  • Tips to bellboys
  • Personal phone calls
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Parking fines and moving vehicle violations
  • Meals not associated with overnight travel
  • Meals and lodging provided by the commonwealth
  • Meals and lodging furnished free by friends, relatives or any other source