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Inflation Reduction Act

The Federal Inflation Reduction Act's (IRA) Investment in Clean Energy and Climate Action

In August of 2022, the Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law, authorizing many new programs, tax credits, and rebates designed to help households, businesses, and local governments across the country save money, lower energy usage, and reduce climate pollution. The DEP Energy Programs Office (EPO) will be supporting the development of several of these programs. This page provides an overview of those programs, rebates, and tax credits.

What’s New

  • In December 2023, DEP met with individuals and organizations around the state to discuss priorities for climate pollution reduction in communities. DEP is now working to incorporate your feedback into our Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP). Check out the Reducing Climate Pollution in Communities tab below for more information.
  • Tax credits for lowering energy costs for households are available now
  • Rebates for home electrification and energy efficiency are expected to be available in late 2024


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