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Director's Office -- 717-787-3411
Director Ramez Ziadeh, P.E.
Information Technology Shannon Grimes
Business Management Deborah Wakefield
Clerical Support Lori Becker

Division of Dam Safety -- 717-787-8568
Chief Roger Adams, P.E.
Delaware Watershed Section Desmond Reynolds, P.E.
Ohio Watershed Section Douglas Caylor, P.E.
Susquehanna Watershed Section Kirk Kreider, P.E.
Preparedness, Enforcement and Security Thomas Bold
Hydrology and Hydraulics Ronald Mease, P.E.
Geotechnical Joseph Schultz, P.E.

Division of Project Development -- 717-783-1754
Chief Douglas Hill, P.E.
Planning and Design Section Mark Malach, P.E.
Planning, Design and Mitigation Section Jonathan Conville, P.E.
Stream Improvements William Kcenich, P.E.

Division of Project Inspection -- 717-787-7432
Chief Vacant
Construction Section Vacant
Completed Projects Section Andrew Orlovsky, P.E.

Division of Wetlands, Encroachment and Training -- 717-787-7432
Chief Kenneth Murin
Environmental and Geological Services Section John (Jack) Kraeuter
NPDES /Construction/Erosion Control Section Jennifer Orr
Water Obstruction/Encroachments Section Sidney Freyermuth