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Joint Permit Application

Directions For Staff Implementation Processing Joint Permit Applications And The Fund

Effective February 3, 1996, the Department will begin to implement the Pennsylvania Wetland Replacement Project (PWRP), commonly referred to as the Fund. The fund is designed to provide regulatory relief to those applicants who meet all other permit requirements, but cannot replace impacted wetlands on-site.

Permit review staff will be responsible for determining fund eligibility. Generally any applicant for any class of activity in either exceptional value or other wetlands where the impact is .50 acre or less, after avoidance and minimization of impacts, will be eligible for participation in the fund.

1. The applicant has the option to:

  • A. Replace on-site if:
    • replacement on site meets suitable criteria
    • a wetland replacement plan and monitoring plan are approvable
  • B. Make a contribution to the fund if:
    • replacement on-site is not environmentally sustainable
    • on-site area is not an adequate size for a replacement site
    • on-site replacement is not practicable
    • on-site replacement is not environmentally necessary

Regional Office staff should document the applicant's choice in the Record of Decision. If the applicant chooses to use the fund they should be informed that they can make a contribution at the following rates:

  • Deminimus impact less than or equal to .05 acre $ 0.00
  • Greater than .05 acre to .10 acre $ 500.00
  • Greater than .10 acre to .20 acre $ 1,000.00
  • Greater than .20 acre to .30 acre $ 2,500.00
  • Greater than .30 acre to .40 acre $ 5,000.00
  • Greater than .40 acre to .50 acre $ 7,500.00

If applicants agree to participate in the PWRP, the draft permit will be conditioned as follows:

Special Conditions

A. The permittee shall provide for _____ acre of wetland replacement by making a monetary contribution of $________ to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Pennsylvania Wetland Replacement Project, ID Number 95-096.

The final Pennsylvania Bulletin description should include the following, "The permit applicant has met the wetland replacement requirement by participating in the Pennsylvania Wetland Replacement Project."

Applicants will be instructed by cover letter on the draft permit to write a check in the correct amount payable to: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation with the reference to Project Number 95-096 noted on the memo line of the check.

The check must be returned with the signed draft permit. Upon receipt, the permit will be finalized in accordance with standard procedures and the check and a copy of the 105 activity report forwarded to the Division Chief, Wetlands Protection, Bureau of Dams, Waterways, and Wetlands. The Division Chief will be responsible for processing the check to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

At the time the PWRP becomes available, persons with applications under review should be informed of their eligibility to participate. Permittees who have not completed their replacement wetland may participate in the PWRP by requesting a minor amendment to their permit.

If you have any questions, or recommendations concerning this guidance, do not hesitate to contact anyone in the Division of Wetlands Protection. Modification to this process will be made as necessary.