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Guidelines and Guidance

Note: Files are saved as Microsoft Word form-field documents; suitable to download, fill in the open fields using Word, print and submit to DEP. Special Note: Windows for Workgroups 3.11 users may need to manually enable Form Fields in downloaded Word 6.0 documents (from the main menu, select Tools, Protect Document ..., Forms, OK)

Department-wide Permit Application Form Packages

Application for a Dam Permit

  • Application for a Dam Permit
    (All of the "Department-wide Permit Application Form Packages," must be submitted with the "Application for a Dam Permit" for a complete application submission.)
    • General Instructions
    • Application Form and Application Completeness Check List

Dam Safety Bond Forms

  • Dam Safety Bond Forms - the way to meet DEP's requirement for Proof of Financial Responsibility - Currently unavailable
    (The bond forms are only available as non-editable PDF files to view and print locally. Bond forms are to be filled in by hand or typewriter.)

Environmental Assessment

Application for a Limited Power Permit

Transfer Form