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e-permitting for Chapter 105 General Permits

As part of Governor Wolf’s commitment to improve the permitting process, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has launched an e-permit for Chapter 105 Wetland and Waterway Obstruction and Encroachment General Permits to make application submittal and review more efficient and enable faster responses to applicants.

DEP began accepting Chapter 105 registrations/applications for General Permits for various types of water obstruction and encroachments through the e-permitting system in October 2018. The DEP is beginning to transition away from paper to online electronic permit applications through e-permitting.

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How e-permitting Works

e-permitting is different than the traditional process where an application or registration is submitted to DEP on a form a paper or PDF form via mail or electronic means. The system is account based which provides many benefits. Like many other online accounts, communications, drafts, past history, etc. will be available and occur through the system. This provides many benefits such as easy access, data entry and tracking, responsive communication and information receipt, to name a few.

With an account-based system, an account manager(s) will need to manage the applicant/owner account for all submissions, not just one submission. In e-permitting this is the Electronic Filing Administrator(s) (EFA).

See the Tabs to the right for more information. DEP recommends viewing the supplemental instruction videos on the Instructions, Videos, User Guides page.

Only registrations for Chapter 105 General Permits are currently accepted through e-permitting. This includes those General Permit Registrations reviewed by DEP and Delegated County Conservation Districts.

Prospective applicants for projects requiring a standard permit or small project application, or an Environmental Assessments (EA) will continue using the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Army Corps of Engineers (Baltimore, Philadelphia, And Pittsburgh Districts) Joint Application for Pennsylvania Chapter 105 Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit, Document #3150-PM-BWEW0036A.

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