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Funding Workgroup


  • Representative Garth Everett
  • Brion Johnson, Pennvest
  • Marel King, Chesapeake Bay Commission


  • Jeff Clukey, House Appropriations Committee
  • John Dawes, Bay Funders Network Representative
  • Brian Eckert, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
  • John Guyer, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Peter Hughes, Red Barn
  • Billy Joraskie, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Charlotte Katzenmoyer, Lancaster City Department of Public Works
  • Ritchie LaFaver, House Appropriations Committee
  • Bob Lamb, PennVest Financial Advisor
  • Megan Lehman, DEP Williamsport Office
  • Jenn Cotting, Environmental Finance Center
  • Sarah Nicholas, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Natalie Sabadish, Governor’s Budget Office
  • Joe Sweeney, Water Science Institute
  • Naomi Soon Young, Center for Regional Analysis

Coordinator:  Nicki Kasi, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

For additional funding resources available to stakeholders in Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay watershed, click here.