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County Planning Process

Throughout the planning process, Countywide Implementation Teams will be established to discuss how, when, and who will be needed to move into an implementation and reporting phase. The tasks for each implementation team may vary by county depending on local goals.

Designated countywide groups (partnerships, local governments, county conservation districts, and other identified stakeholders) will utilize the following templates, found in Appendix III of the Community Clean Water Toolbox, to report priority initiatives and planned actions to achieve goals and objectives.

The Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Planning and Progress Template is to be used by partners to identify priority initiatives the county wants to accomplish. This template is then used to also capture the public and private resources, actions that they can take or have undertaken, where and by when, as well as identify potential challenges and/or issues that could impede implementation of these initiatives.

The Detailed BMP Entry Form Template offers a streamlined approach to develop scoping scenarios that will be used by the Commonwealth's technical workgroup to calculate the nutrient reductions associated with your plan. In addition to the Phase 3 WIP Planning and Progress Template above, more specific details of BMP implementation at the component level need to be developed to allow for CAST model processing and future tracking and reporting. BMPs can be added using the dropdown menus provided in the template Excel spreadsheet which will associate the correct measurement name and measurement unit options with the selected practice.

The County Resources Inventory Template is to be used to capture all available and needed resources; including labor or staff resources, the dedication of land for practice installation and funding. It is intended to serve as an inventory of all available and needed resources that may assist with efforts to improve local water quality. These resources can include, but are not limited to dollars, land, staff time or match. This is to be coupled with the template in your toolbox that summarizes the resources from known federal and state funding programs that the county has received in the past three years. Here is the county's chance to verify this data and add to the data provided, as well as project forward resources needed into future years.

This template can be used in coordination with the Phase 3 WIP Planning and Progress Template and Detailed BMP Entry Form Template to identify existing and needed resources to implement the priority initiatives and BMP installations identified in the scoping scenarios that will be created for countywide planners, in partnership with DEP's technical support team.