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Water splashing on the groundPennsylvania's waterways are public resources, and cleaning them up benefits everyone.  We are seeking public participation from all Pennsylvanians in helping to implement the goals of the Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plan. 

We are particularly interested in assistance from the following sectors: the public, local government, agriculture, developers and construction, environmental organizations, water, and wastewater. The Phase 3 WIP covers these sectors at length. 

Everyone who cares about their community and their waterways is welcome to get involved in cleaning up our local waters! We have a special need for thoughtful input from: 

  • Streamside property owners
  • Conservation Districts, and environmental or outdoor organizations who know the waterways firsthand
  • Leaders in any sector that have strong connections to waterways, such as local government, agriculture, forestry, construction, and water and wastewater authorities

Participants are expected to come prepared to roll up their sleeves and get to work. The planning process provides a forum for local leaders and community members to work together and make decisions about how they will meet the DEP pollution reduction goals for their county. Participants can expect to attend meetings and conference calls with local partners, brainstorm around solutions, and offer opinions on the best way to meet the goal set for your county.

If you want to be a leader or a part of the solution, provide us with your contact information using this simple online form. When your county’s action plan process begins, we will provide your contact information to the organizers.