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Developers and Construction

A man at a construction sitePennsylvania and neighboring states continue to work to clean up our shared waters. This effort is part of the Phase 3 Watershed Implementation Plan (Phase 3 WIP). The state is working with interested parties in the 43 counties whose waters run to the Chesapeake Bay to create Countywide Action Plans. These plans will outline how the county's share of the state's 2025 pollution reduction goals are met.

Successful planning depends on a diverse group of local participants getting involved. This planning can help your community solve local problems while meeting its share of the state's goals. Following through will lead to vibrant local communities and economies.

The state believes that the path to success starts at the local level, and the construction industry is an important local voice. You know your local watersheds and waterways better than anyone. If you choose to get involved in this process, you will have a say in how your countywide pollution reduction goals are met. You can be part of shaping the mix of solutions that are chosen within your county. It's an opportunity for you to make a difference for your community!

Benefits of Success

If the Phase 3 WIP effort is a success, developers and the construction industry will enjoy:

  • A predictable regulatory and permit program, managed by state and local officials
  • Increased access to technical and cost share assistance for stormwater controls

Consequences of Failure

If the Phase 3 WIP effort is a failure, the consequences for developers and the construction industry could include: 

  • New developed areas subject to federal regulation
  • Stepped up federal enforcement of stormwater permits 
  • Stricter water quality standards in areas where streams run to the Potomac or Susquehanna rivers