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Chesapeake Bay Office

Pennsylvania's Chesapeake Bay Office was established within DEP in early 2016 to assure the proper development, implementation and coordination of the Commonwealth's efforts for restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, and administering DEP's Chesapeake Bay Program grant.

Chesapeake Bay 

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Who’s Who in the Bay Office

Jill Whitcomb, Director

Program and County Coordination:

Kristen Wolf, Chesapeake Bay Program Coordinator

Kate Beats, Chesapeake Bay Program Specialist

Shane Gutsie, Water Program Specialist

Erin Penzelik, WIP Coordinator

Grants and Technical Coordination:

Stephanie Wilfong, Administrative Officer

Natahnee Miller, Water Program Specialist

Theodore Tesler, P.G., Technical Coordinator

Lisa Beatty, Chesapeake Bay Program Specialist