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Lake Erie Coastal Zone Boundary Expansion Proposal

There is a proposal under consideration for the Pennsylvania Coastal Resources Management Program (CRMP) to expand its Lake Erie Coastal Zone boundary to a watershed-based boundary.

The PA CRMP provides technical guidance and grant opportunities for coastal communities to better manage their coastal resources. The CRMP priorities and grant funding criteria are further outlined here with eligible grant applicants including political subdivisions, authorities, non-profit organizations, schools, colleges and universities.

The proposal to expand the Lake Erie coastal boundary is being driven by several recent considerations: A motion passed by the Lake Erie Advisory Committee for the Pennsylvania CRMP to study and consider an expanded watershed boundary; the recognition of the hydrological connection that watershed lands have to the water quality of Lake Erie; and recent changes to the Pa Fish & Boat Commission’s Steelhead Stamp Program (Act 40 of 2009) allowing fishing license monies to be used to conduct headwater stream restorations that could be matched or partnered by CRMP resources in an expanded boundary.

The proposed boundary delineation would encompass all watersheds within Pennsylvania that flow into Lake Erie. Furthermore, the expanded boundary area would enable CRMP grant funds to occur beyond the currently eligible area.

The PA CRMP will publish information on the Lake Erie boundary expansion proposal to this web page as it becomes available.

If you have question regarding this proposal and would like to speak with someone in the program to discuss, send email or provide comments, please use one of the options listed here.

Joe Sieber
(717) 787-4726
Coastal Resources Management Program Main Office: (717) 772-4785

Links for more Information:

Boundary Expansion Presentation (pdf)
Boundary Expansion Map (pdf)