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Stream Assessment Notifications

Under 25 Pa. Code 93.4d(a) Processing of petitions, evaluations and assessments to change a designated use (related to public notice of receipt of evaluation, or assessments of water, for High Quality (HQ) or Exceptional Value (EV) Waters redesignation) the Department of Environmental Protection hereby gives notice that an evaluation will be conducted on all or portions of the streams listed below to determine the proper Aquatic Life Use or Special Protection designations in this commonwealth's Water Quality Standards. This notice does not imply a HQ or EV designation, but this assessment may lead to a recommendation to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) for redesignation.

To enhance public awareness of these activities, the Department is announcing an additional eNOTICE subscription category that includes stream evaluation notifications.

Currently eNOTICE includes subscription category types for:

  1. DEP permit applications,
  2. DEP Land Recycling Act 2 Notices, and
  3. DEP eComment Open Comment Periods

The Department encourages you to visit the eNOTICE website and consider taking advantage of the subscription categories available through eNOTICE to stay informed and to take advantage of notification and comment opportunities.

May 6, 2023
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Brodhead CreekDelaware RiverMonroe
Angelica CreekSchuylkill RiverBerks
Saltlick RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClearfield
October 29, 2022
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
UNT 32599 to North Fork Dunkard ForkNorth Fork Dunkard ForkGreene
UNT 60532 to Big Cove CreekBig Cove CreekFulton
UNT 59767 to West Branch Conococheague CreekWest Branch Conococheague CreekFranklin
Lick RunRoaring Creek Columbia
October 2, 2021
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Chester CreekDelaware RiverChester
Reynolds RunOctoraro CreekLancaster
October 23, 2020
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Jones CreekSnake CreekSusquehanna
Toms CreekMonocacy RiverAdams/Franklin
July 11, 2020
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Bailey RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Blacks RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Bodies RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Bull CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Campbell RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Clarks RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Crawford RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Crouse RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Days RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Deer CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Falling Springs RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Girtys RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Gourdhead RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Guyasuta RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Guys RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Indian CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Lardintown RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Little Bull CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Little Deer CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Little Pine CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Little Plum CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
McCaskin RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
McDowell RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
McKnight RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Montour RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Nelson RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Pine CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Plum CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Powers RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Quigley CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Riddle RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Sandy CreekAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Shades RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Tawney RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Willow RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Yutes RunAllegheny RiverAllegheny
Armstrong RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Beers RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Big RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Birch RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Brady RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Campbell RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Carnahan RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Coal Bank RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Cove RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Cowanshannock CreekAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Craig RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Craigs RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Crooked CreekAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Elbow RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Elder RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Fagley RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Flat RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Garretts RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Glade RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Gobblers RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Guffy RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Hart RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Hays RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Hill RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Holder RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Horney Camp RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Huling RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Huskins RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Knapp RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Limestone RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Lindsay RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Long RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Mill RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Nicholson RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Pine RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Rupp RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
South Branch Cowanshannock CreekAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Spra RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Spruce RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Spur RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Sugar CreekAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Sugar RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Taylor RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Tub Mill RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Watson RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Whiskey RunAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Wiskey CreekAllegheny RiverArmstrong
Bull CreekAllegheny RiverButler
Fowler RunAllegheny RiverButler
Lardintown RunAllegheny RiverButler
Little Bull CreekAllegheny RiverButler
Lowrey RunAllegheny RiverButler
McDowell RunAllegheny RiverButler
Rocky RunAllegheny RiverButler
South Branch Bear CreekAllegheny RiverButler
Sugar CreekAllegheny RiverButler
Thoms RunAllegheny RiverButler
Cheney RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Clapboard RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Falls RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Hinckston RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Peggys RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Sams RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Solomon RunAllegheny RiverCambria
Black Fox RunAllegheny RiverClarion
Catfish RunAllegheny RiverClarion
Dunlap CreekAllegheny RiverClarion
Fiddlers RunAllegheny RiverClarion
Sandy Lick CreekAllegheny RiverClearfield
Adsit RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Barber RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Bennyhoof CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Boles RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Brookhouser CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Campbell RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Carr RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Cemetery RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Conneaut OutletAllegheny RiverCrawford
Conneauttee CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Cussewago CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Dick RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Gravel RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Kerns RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
McMichael RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Mill RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Mohawk RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Mud RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
North Deer CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Powdermill RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Rock CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Rundelltown CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Sandy CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Spring RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Torry RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Van Horne CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Watson RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
West Branch Cussewago CreekAllegheny RiverCrawford
Williams RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Wolf RunAllegheny RiverCrawford
Riley RunAllegheny RiverElk
Alder BrookAllegheny RiverErie
Bailey BrookAllegheny RiverErie
Benson RunAllegheny RiverErie
Boles RunAllegheny RiverErie
Conneauttee CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Cussewago CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Darrow BrookAllegheny RiverErie
Darrows CreekAllegheny RiverErie
East Branch LeBoeuf CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Hare CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Herrick CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Hubbel RunAllegheny RiverErie
LeBoeuf CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Shenango CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Townley RunAllegheny RiverErie
West Branch Cussewago CreekAllegheny RiverErie
West Branch French CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Wheeler CreekAllegheny RiverErie
Aultmans RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
Coal RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
Cowanshannock CreekAllegheny RiverIndiana
Crooked CreekAllegheny RiverIndiana
Gobblers RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
Miller RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
Neal RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
Reeds RunAllegheny RiverIndiana
South Branch Cowanshannock CreekAllegheny RiverIndiana
Two Lick CreekAllegheny RiverIndiana
Yellow CreekAllegheny RiverIndiana
Allegheny Portage CreekAllegheny RiverMcKean
Kendall CreekAllegheny RiverMcKean
Lafferty RunAllegheny RiverMcKean
Potato CreekAllegheny RiverMcKean
Black RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Butchery CreekAllegheny RiverMercer
Dugan RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Foulk RunAllegheny RiverMercer
McConnell RunAllegheny RiverMercer
McCutcheon RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Mill RunAllegheny RiverMercer
North Deer CreekAllegheny RiverMercer
Powdermill RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Sandy CreekAllegheny RiverMercer
Sawmill RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Schofield RunAllegheny RiverMercer
Allegheny Portage CreekAllegheny RiverPotter
Ajax RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Clark RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Ditzenberger RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Falling Spring RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Holeman RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Morrison RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Patchel RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Perry RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Siefer RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Sulphur RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Victory RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Whann RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Clark RunAllegheny RiverWarren
Glade RunAllegheny RiverWarren
Hare CreekAllegheny RiverWarren
Beaver RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Bethel RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Campbelle RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Chartiers RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Crabtree CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Davis RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Fourmile RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Freeman RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Getty RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Hendricks CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Hypocrite CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Keffer RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Little Crabtree CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Little Pucketa CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
McCune RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
McGee RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Monastery RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Ninemile RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Penn RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Pine RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Pucketa CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Sawmill RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Saxman RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Snyders RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Tubmill CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Union RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Whitethorn CreekAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
Wolford RunAllegheny RiverWestmoreland
January 3, 2020
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Cacoosing CreekTulpehocken CreekBerks
Homer Gap RunLittle Juniata RiverBlair
Unnamed Tributary  03181 To Tohickon CreekTohickon CreekBucks
West Branch Susquehanna RiverSusquehanna RiverCambria
Clearfield CreekWest Branch Susquehanna RiverCambria
Unnamed Tributary  26464 To Clearfield CreekClearfield CreekCambria
Porter RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverCambria
Walnut RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverCambria
Nanny RunBennett Branch Sinnemahoning CreekCameron
"Stone Quarry Hollow"Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning CreekCameron
Unnamed Tributary  03778 To Mill CreekMill CreekCarbon
Mauch Chunk CreekLehigh RiverCarbon
Bald Eagle CreekWest Branch Susquehanna RiverCentre
Unnamed Tributary  22622 To Sugar Camp RunSugar Camp RunCentre
Logan BranchSpring CreekCentre
Unnamed Tributary 24933 To Mountain RunMountain RunClearfield
"Finley Hollow"Mountain RunClearfield
Beaver RunMoshannon CreekClearfield
Moravian RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClearfield
Unnamed Tributary  26200 To Potts RunPotts RunClearfield
Unnamed Tributary  26262 To Muddy RunMuddy RunClearfield
Unnamed Tributary  26658 To Anderson CreekAnderson CreekClearfield
Kratzer RunAnderson CreekClearfield
Hughey RunKratzer RunClearfield
Chatham RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClinton
Big Spring CreekConodoguinet CreekCumberland
Johnson RunBennett Branch Sinnemahoning CreekElk
"Silver Mill Hollow"Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning CreekElk
Unnamed Tributary  50461 To Elk CreekElk CreekElk
Water Tank RunElk CreekElk
Unnamed Tributary  53682 To S Branch French CrSouth Branch French CreekErie
Alder RunFrench CreekErie
Cold Spring RunElk RunJefferson
Lackawanna RiverSusquehanna RiverLackawanna
Unnamed Tributary  03382 Of Saucon CreekSaucon CreekLehigh
Sawmill RunPohopoco CreekLuzerne
Big Wapwallopen CreekSusquehanna RiverLuzerne
Bow CreekBig Wapwallopen CreekLuzerne
English RunLittle Pine CreekLycoming
Shingle Mill BranchEnglish RunLycoming
Little Sicily RunWest Branch Clarion RiverMckean
Unnamed Tributary  57518 To Knapp CreekKnapp CreekMckean
Unnamed Tributary  57521 To Knapp CreekKnapp CreekMckean
Unnamed Tributary  57546 To Tram Hollow RunTram Hollow RunMckean
"Baker Hollow"North Branch Cole CreekMckean
Marvin CreekPotato CreekMckean
Unnamed Tributary  57816 To Marvin CreekMarvin CreekMckean
"Cady Hollow"Allegheny Portage CreekMckean
Unnamed Tributary  64376 To Marvin CreekMarvin CreekMckean
Jacks CreekJuniata RiverMifflin
Unnamed Tributary  12431 To Kishacoquillas CreekKishacoquillas CreekMifflin
Middle CreekPohopoco CreekMonroe
Unnamed Tributary  04022 To Pohopoco CreekPohopoco CreekMonroe
Unnamed Tributary  04025 To Sugar Hollow CreekSugar Hollow CreekMonroe
Perry Furnace RunSherman CreekPerry
Allegheny RiverOhio RiverPotter
Sartwell CreekAllegheny RiverPotter
"Wiemer Hollow"Sartwell CreekPotter
Schuylkill RiverDelaware RiverSchuylkill
Little Egypt CreekSusquehanna RiverSusquehanna
May 21, 2019
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Slab Cabin Run Spring CreekCentre
UNT 03181 to Tohickon CreekTohickon CreekBucks
June 6, 2018
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Bermudian CreekConewago CreekYork/Adams
Logan Spring RunLittle Juniata RiverHuntingdon
March 8, 2018
Stream NameTributary ToCounty
Bear CreekSchuylkill RiverSchuylkill
Beaver RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClearfield
Bellman RunJohnson creekTioga
Bender RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverLycoming
Big RunMahoning CreekJefferson
Boal Gap RunSinking CreekCentre
Boiling Spring RunBeaverdam CreekBlair
Bradley RunClearfield CreekCambria
Brooder Hollow BrookNorth Branch Cole CreekMckean
Campbell Hollow RunLillibridge CreekMcKean
Cush CreekWest Branch Susquehanna RiverIndiana
Dale RunMoravian RunClearfield
Earl Hollow RunAllegheny RiverPotter
Elk Creek Park RunElk CreekErie
Elm Flat RunAllegheny RiverPotter
Fishing CreekBald Eagle CreekClinton
Fisk Hollow RunFishing CreekPotter
Flanigans RiverLittle Chest CreekCambria
Husband RunOil CreekVenango
Kishacoquillas CreekJuniata RiverMifflin
Laurel RunMill CreekLuzerne
Little Chest CreekChest CreekCambria
Little Juniata RiverJuniata RiverHuntingdon
Little Sandy RunNorth Fork Beech CreekCentre
Long RunLehigh RiverCarbon
Martins CreekDelaware RiverNorthampton
McElhattan CreekWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClinton
Mill CreekAquashicola CreekCarbon
Mill CreekNorth Branch Susquehanna RiverLuzerne
Mountain Lick CreekMountain RunClearfield, Elk
Moyers Mill RnWalker LakeSnyder
Obenhoffers CreekNorth Branch Susquehanna RiverLuzerne
Orson RunMuddy CreekYork
Penns CreekSusquehanna RiverCentre
Penns CreekSusquehanna RiverCentre
Pohopoco CreekLehigh RiverCarbon
Poplar RunBell RunClearfield
Pump Station Hollow RunAllegheny RiverPotter
Roaring RunSlab Cabin RunCentre
Sawmill RunWest Branch Susquehanna RiverClearfield
Smoke Hole RunSouth Fork Powell CreekDauphin
Snyder RunAllegheny RiverVenango
Spring CreekBlue Marsh LakeBerks
Sugar Hollow CreekPohopoco CreekMonroe
Teed HollowCowanesque RiverPotter
UNT to Allegheny River (RM 107.57)Allegheny RiverVenango
UNT to Bear Run (RM 2.92)Bear RunClearfield, Indiana
Unt To Bell Run (RM 4.62)Bell RunClearfield
Unt To Bell Run (RM 7.6)Bell RunClearfield
UNT to Chest CreekChest CreekCambria
UNT to Clearfield CreekClearfield CreekCambria
Unt To Curry Run (RM 4.78)Curry RunClearfield
UNT to Dale Run (RM 0.36)Dale RunClearfield
UNT to Gap Run (RM 1.39)Gap RunCentre
Unt To Lehigh Canal (rm 2.18)Lehigh CanalNorthampton
Unt To Lehigh River (rm 3.45)Lehigh RiverNorthampton
UNT to Lizard Creek (RM 11.35)Lizard CreekSchuylkill
UNT to Lizard Creek (RM 13.64)Lizard CreekSchuylkill
UNT to Pine Creek (rm 1.09)Pine CreekCrawford
UNT to Spring Creek (rm 1.31)Spring CreekCentre
Unt To Tionesta Creek (rm 25.85)Tionesta CreekForest
UNT to UNT to Middle Creek (15.05)UNT to Middle CreekSnyder
November 16, 2017
Stream NameCountyTributary To
Le Boeuf CreekErieFrench Creek
November 14, 2017
Stream NameCountyTributary To
Mahoning CreekArmstrongAllegheny River
October 13, 2017
Stream NameCountyTributary To
Marsh CreekChesterEast Brandywine Creek
UNT Whetstone CreekDelawareWhetstone Creek
September 15, 2017
Stream NameCountyTributary To
Cranberry CreekMonroeParadise Creek
June 15, 2016
Stream NameCountyTributary To
Aylesworth CreekLackawannaLackawanna River
Bear RunJefferson / IndianaWest Branch Suquehanna River
Beaver RunCambria / ClearfieldWest Branch Suquehanna River
Benson RunErieLe Boeuf Creek
Brace BrookSusquehanna / WayneLackawanna River
Douglas RunCambria / IndianaWest Branch Susquehanna River
Emeigh RunCambria West Branch Susquehanna River
Glen BrookColumbiaEast Branch Briar Creek
Hogback RunClearfieldWest Branch Susquehanna River
Hosensack CreekMontgomery / LehighPerkiomen Creek
Kettle RunCentrePenns Creek
Laurel RunHuntingdonGreat Trough Creek
Laurel Run (Port Matilda)CentreBald Eagle Creek
Little Dent RunCameronBennet Branch Sinnemahoning Creek
Mosquito CreekLycomingWest Branch Susquehanna River
North RunClearfieldWest Branch Susquehanna River
Oliver RunCentreLaurel Run (Port Matilda)
Patchin RunClearfieldWest Branch Susquehanna River
Peet BrookPotterAllegheny River
Rauchtown CreekLycoming / ClintonUNT Antes Creek
Sand RunTiogaWilson Creek
Sixpenny CreekBerksSchuylkill River
Spencer CreekErieSouth Branch French Creek
Stony RunUnionLaurel Run
UNT Blacksmith RunMcKeanBlacksmith Run
UNT Lehigh Canal (Weisport)CarbonLehigh Canal
UNT Little Schuylkill RiverSchuylkillLittle Schuylkill River
UNT Little Schuylkill River Schuylkill / BerksLittle Schuylkill River
UNT Little Schuylkill River "Rabbit Run"SchuylkillLittle Schuylkill River
UNT Mahoning Creek SchuylkillMahoning Creek
UNT Marsh RunCrawfordMarsh Run
UNT North Branch Little Conemaugh RiverCambriaNorth Branch Little Conemaugh River
UNT Penns Creek CentrePenns Creek
UNT Stonycreek RiverSomerset Stony Creek River
UNT Trout RunCambriaTrout Run
UNT West Branch Susquehanna River ClearfieldWest Branch Susquehanna River
Wash CreekSchuylkillMahoning Creek
Water Tank RunElkElk Creek

Persons who have technical data concerning the water quality, instream habitat or biological conditions of these stream sections are encouraged to make it available to the department for consideration in the assessment. Data should be submitted to:

Mark Brickner
Division of Water Quality
Bureau of Clean Water
P.O. Box 8774, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8467

Data should be submitted no later than 30 days following the publication of this notice. Questions concerning these evaluation can be directed to Mr.Brickner at 717.787.9637.