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eDMR System Materials

eDMR Reporting System

Facilities must be able to access DEP's eDMR system through the internet. Typically, access is available either through a dedicated connection through a facility's local area network or through a connection to an Internet Service Provider. In addition to the Internet connection, the facility will need an Internet browser program. The eDMR system is verified to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9.0 or greater, which can be downloaded for free from Facilities may find that other internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will work, but DEP cannot guarantee that all of the features of the eDMR system will be available.

Registration Materials

To register for eDMR, please submit a completed Registration Form, eDMR Trading Partner Agreement, the first page of your permit (showing the effective and expiration dates), all effluent limits tables, and blank copies of all DMRs.

These documents should be sent to the address specified on the Registration Form. After the department processes your forms, you will receive electronic correspondence with your user ID, password and PIN and other information concerning when you can begin using eDMR.

Registration Form

eDMR Trading Partner Agreement (PDF)

DMR/eDMR Materials

eDMR User Guide (PDF)
This guidance explains how to use the eDMR System.

eDMR Fact Sheet (PDF) (3800-FS-DEP4104)
This fact sheet provides an overview of the eDMR System.

eDMR Tutorial Presentation (PowerPoint)
This PowerPoint presentation shows step-by-step how to use the eDMR System.

DMR Overview and Summary (PDF) (3800-BK-DEP3047)
This document provides detailed guidance on the DMR process.

Management of Non-Detect Results for DMRs (PDF) (3800-FS-DEP4262)
This fact sheet explains DEP's preferred method for calculating statistics with "non-detect" results.

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