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Safe Drinking Water COVID-19 Information

During the COVID-19 crisis, Public Water Systems (PWSs) have a heightened responsibility to protect public health.  Access to clean water for drinking and handwashing is critical during this situation.  PWSs need to continue to manage and operate their facilities in a manner that is safe and that protects the public.  This includes maintaining treatment and ensuring sample collection and analyses are conducted as required.  Therefore, key PWS personnel are strongly encouraged to review the information within each topic below and take appropriate preparatory actions to ensure continued operations and the protection of public health. 

Stay informed about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and connect with resources for Pennsylvanians.

DEP understands this evolving situation has the potential to affect water system operations and the availability of key staff.  If you begin to experience any circumstances that may adversely affect water quality or quantity, please contact DEP using the list of emergency response contact numbers.


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