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Information for Pennsylvania-Licensed Professional Geologists

Project applicants may propose use of a new source at a noncommunity water system in the form of a well in absence of documentation that the it is cased and grouted. However, such a proposal must involve the services of a Pennsylvania-Licensed geologist to document the existing well-construction features, most importantly that the well is cased and grouted. On behalf of the project applicant, the geologist will need to complete the Well Construction Demonstration Datasheet for Existing Wells and Well Risk Assessment Form components of Module 1 in the Noncommunity Water System Application and execute the following tasks:

  • Field inspection and downhole methods to determine existing well-construction features
  • Creation of a scaled well-construction log
  • Written description of why the well in its current state is protective of public health

Once the well field surveyed and properly developed, the geologist may be requested by the project applicant to conduct a pumping test and collect water-quality samples to determine a pumping rate to meet system demand and characterize existing water-quality conditions, respectively. The pumping test operator should execute the test and complete the associated forms according to the instructions provided on the Pumping Test Demonstration Datasheets that are part of Module 1. The pumping test should be conducted on a properly developed well and the pump-depth setting for the test must be the same as the final depth setting in the finished well.

Additional information may be obtained by using the Responsibilities of the Project Applicant for Approval of a New Well Source New Source Approval: Existing Well in Absence of Documentation of Grouted Well Casing link provided as part of this web-page.

Where can I find technical guidance on source approval at a noncommunity water system?

Technical guidance on new source approvals at a noncommunity water system can be found in the following DEP publications:

Public Water Supply Manual, Part IV, Noncommunity System Design Standards, DEP ID: 383-2128-108

Noncommunity Water System Application Module 1 – Groundwater Source, DEP ID: 3940-FM-BSDW0568a