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Host Municipality Inspector Job Description

Host Municipality Inspector - Job Description

This position is responsible for conducting inspections of municipal waste landfills or resource recovery facilities for the host municipality.

Educational Requirements

Obtaining and maintaining certification by successful completion of PA DEP-sponsored host municipality inspector training. Suggested prerequisites include familiarity with applicable municipal waste regulations, facility design and operating requirements, and regulations regarding air and water pollution. This position also requires knowledge of basic inspection procedures, environmental issues, and health and safety requirements.


The duties of the host municipality inspector include:

  • Obtaining and maintaining certification as a host municipality inspector.
  • Conducting inspections of municipal waste operations on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or as otherwise required by the host municipality. These inspections shall include as required by the host municipality:
  • Entering the facility, inspecting only those records required by the PA DEP, taking samples, and conducting inspections in accordance with PA DEP regulations as applicable to PA DEP inspectors;
  • Evaluating facility compliance with applicable air, waste and water regulations, facility design and operating requirements, permit requirements, approved facility operating plans, host municipality agreement requirements and local ordinances, as appropriate;
  • Evaluating facility compliance with approved facility operating plans shall include, as appropriate: permit boundaries; access control; measurement and inspection of waste; fugitive emissions control; vector control; odor control; noise control; radiation protection; compaction and cover; soil and erosion control; surface water quality; ground water quality; leachate control; gas monitoring and control; salvaging and recycling; mitigation of impacts; and daily, quarterly, and annual operating records;
  • Ordering the facility to cease any operation or activity which constitutes an immediate threat to public health and safety and which represents a violation of the PA Solid Waste Management Act, regulations promulgated under the act, or the terms and conditions of a permit issued under the act; and
  • Providing oral and/or written reports on observations, findings and communications with facility personnel, the PA DEP and residents of the municipality, as appropriate.
  • Completion of host municipality inspector monthly activity and travel logs;
  • Establishing and maintaining communications with municipal officials, residents of the municipality, municipal waste facility personnel and the PA DEP, as appropriate;
  • Responding to and addressing complaints from the municipality regarding the facility operations with facility personnel and the PA DEP; and
  • Representing the municipality in meetings with the facility and PA DEP.

Other Requirements

Be physically able to perform the duties of a host municipality inspector.