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Compliance with County Plan Designated Disposal Facility Requirements

Municipal waste disposal facilities and transporters are required to comply with county plans that specify which facilities are approved to receive waste from that county.

§ 273.201 and 283.201 - Basic limitations.

(i) A person or municipality may not allow solid waste to be received, disposed or otherwise managed at the facility if the transportation to, or processing or management at, the facility would violate applicable laws in effect in the county or state in which the waste was generated, or state or local solid waste management plans in effect where the waste was generated.

§ 285.215. Transportation to permitted facilities.

(a) Municipal waste shall be transported to prevent a nuisance or hazard to public health, safety or welfare.

(b) No person or municipality may transport municipal waste to a solid waste processing or disposal facility in this Commonwealth, unless the facility has a permit from the Department that expressly allows processing or disposal of the type of municipal waste being transported.

(c) No person or municipality may transport municipal waste in a manner contrary to the terms and conditions of a permit, an order issued by the Department or requirements in the act, the environmental protection acts or this title.