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Compliance History Instructions

Searching for your Compliance History over the Internet

One of the most common reasons that Waste Transportation Safety Program Renewal Applications are returned has to do with the Compliance History questions. These questions are referred to as Sections E1, E2 and E3 on the renewal application.

The Department of Environmental Protection allows the public the benefit of checking compliance history issues over the internet. This is a very useful tool to use prior to sending in applications for the Waste Transportation Safety Programs’ annual renewal program. Reviewing your compliance history information before submitting applications can save time and resources by not having applications returned. In addition to having your application returned there are legal implications of submitting applications to the department without a complete and accurate compliance history. Applications that are received that do not contain full and complete compliance histories are in violation of 18 PA. C.S. Section 4904[b].

Instructions for Locating your Compliance History

  1. Obtain your company’s Client Id. You can obtain this Id number from Complete (Active, Inactive, Revoked) List of Waste Transportation Authorizations (Interactive Report) or by calling the Department at 717-783-9258.
  2. Go to the “Client Search” link in eFACTS on the Web.
    • Type in your Client Id in the “Client Id” box and hit the Search box. Hint: Do not type in additional information on this screen.
    • All Compliance History information will be located under “Inspections” (bottom of page).
    • Specific compliance history information (violations and enforcement actions) will be found under the “Inspection Results” link.
  3. Notes
    • If the Client Search Site Details includes company owned facilities/operations, additional waste violations may be listed for these operations.
    • Waste violations and enforcements actions must also be reported for related corporations (corporations with common principals or have parent or subsidiary relationships).
    • eFACTS may not include violations and enforcement actions that were taken in the last 10 business days that should be reported.
  4. Waste hauler compliance history information is also available at WTSP violations and enforcement actions (Interactive Report)