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Common Application Delays or Errors

Application errors may cause unnecessary delays in processing waste hauler authorizations. Your application may be returned if any of the following occur:

  1. EIN cannot be verified. Please include a copy of the IRS Confirmation Letter with your application (not assignment letter, not W-9) or to obtain a copy call the IRS 800-829-4933 or 800-829-1040.
  2. USDOT number not active or not authorized. Please check your USDOT number at this website before submitting your application.
  3. Applicant name not on all pages or application is not filled out completely.
  4. Incorrect VIN number. Please include a copy of the current vehicle registration. (VINs do not contain an I, O, or Q, and vehicle VINs after the year 1981 have 17-digits). You may check your VIN at these websites: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Institute for Safety Research.
  5. Insurance expired. Please make sure insurance policy is effective at time of application.
  6. Applicant Information (Part D). The name of the owner and/or ownership information is required (i.e. owner and/or the current officers and/or LLC members of a corporate entity). *This information needs to be current and up-to-date in our system*
  7. Compliance History information incomplete or enforcement actions and violations not disclosed on the application. Please check your compliance history at this website before submitting your application. Uncheck applicable “Null” boxes, enter your Client ID and/or WH number (using capital letters, WH), and then click View Report.
  8. No fee or underpayment of fee. Please review your vehicle registration for the vehicle type to ensure the correct fee payment. A Truck (TK) is $100. A Truck-Tractor (TT) is $50. A Waste Trailer (WT) is $50.
  9. Please ensure that the check or money order has the correct fee made payable to the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” and is enclosed with the application.
  10. Application not signed. Please make sure your application is signed before submitting it.
Questions? Please contact us at 717-783-9258.