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Recycling Performance Grant Requirements

Act 140 of 2006 Impacts on Act 101 Recycling Performance Grants

Municipalities, except for counties, receiving more than $10,000 in Act 101 Section 904 Recycling Performance Grant funding must meet the following performance requirements:

  • Requires, through ordinance, that all residents have waste and recycling service.
  • Has an implemented residential recycling program and facilitates a commercial recycling program or participates in a similar county or multi-municipal program.
  • Has a residential and business recycling education program.
  • Has a program of enforcement that periodically monitors participation, receives complaints and issues warnings for required participants and provides fines, penalties, or both, in its recycling ordinance.
  • Has provisions, participates in a county or multi-municipal program or facilitates a private sector program for the recycling of special materials.
  • Sponsors a program, facilitates a program or supports an organization to address illegal dumping and/or littering problems.
  • Has a person or entity designated as recycling coordinator who is responsible for recycling data collection and reporting recycling program performance in the municipality or municipalities.

If the municipality has not met the above performance requirements, the grant funds awarded shall be expended by the municipality only to meet the performance requirements. If the municipality has met the performance requirements, the grant funds awarded may be expended by the municipality on any expense as determined in the discretion of the municipality. The Department may require budget documents or other expenditure records and may deny funding through this Section if an applicant cannot demonstrate that funds have been expended on eligible activities.