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Recycling Is Good Business

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Most people know that recycling plays an important role in managing the garbage generated in homes and businesses, and that it reduces the need for landfills and incinerators.

But recycling is far more than a local waste management strategy; it is also an important strategy for reducing the environmental impacts of industrial production. Supplying industry with recycled materials, rather than virgin resources extracted from forests and mines, is environmentally preferable because it saves energy, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other dangerous air and water pollutants, and because it conserves scarce natural resources. In 2004, Pennsylvania recycling programs supplies industry with over 4.7 million tons of scrap commodities like metals, paper, glass, plastics, wood, organics, and other materials.

Recycling is a growth industry with many kinds of business opportunities, from collection and processing to manufacturing to inventing new technologies. New businesses in Pennsylvania will create jobs for more Pennsylvanians and improve our economy.