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Online applications and report submittals are encouraged and are typically processed more quickly than paper submissions. Mining Programs offers e-submittal options for some permitting, reporting, and license activities. Submittals are made through the DEP Greenport website.

To submit via Greenport, you must sign up for an individual Greenport account. Each mine operator must have at least one personal Greenport account designated as the Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA) for epermits and for eDMR.

Creating a Greenport account

Getting Started Guide for eDMR Mining
Getting Started Guide for epermitting for Mining

EFA (Electronic File Administrator)

The EFA is the person who can administer other user access and make submissions for the mine operator. To become an EFA, the person must register an account through the Greenport and request enrollment as an EFA for that client.

An EFA can be the operator, an employee, or a person designated by the permit holder. Operators are encouraged to carefully consider the advantages, and possible disadvantages, of designating EFAs from outside of their company. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that an EFA is always designated, and to notify Bureau of Mining Programs IMMEDIATELY if a designated EFA has left the company or if their role within the company has changed. The EFA also has the responsibility to designate other Users (such as “Preparer”) for various roles.

User guides:

Questions about digital submission of mining permit applications and reports can be directed via email to


The following reports should be submitted electronically via Greenport:

  • eDMR – NPDES discharge monitoring reports
  • Annual Production Reporting
  • Hydrologic Monitoring Reports

Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports (eDMR)

Submittal of discharge monitoring reports associated with an NPDES permit is required to be completed digitally in the WMS (water management system) for mining. Paper reports are no longer accepted. Online reporting for GP-104 NPDES permits is also required even if there is no discharge where the operator should report ‘0’.

To submit eDMRs, an EFA must be designated for the company. Use the EFA Registration for Mining eDMR form to register a Greenport account for this access. The original form can be scanned and sent to and also must be mailed to the following address:

PA Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Mining Programs
PO Box 8461
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Attn: EDMR

Once the EFA is approved and the account is linked, the eDMRs for each client’s permits will be available for completion.

System-generated emails inform EFAs of eDMR status. However, it is strongly encouraged that EFAs maintain their own tracking schedule to avoid reporting errors/late submissions. It is VITAL that accurate and current email addresses be maintained.

EDMRs submissions follow Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, and Monthly schedules, based on permit conditions. EFAs are strongly encouraged to submit sample results as soon as they are received. Note that the Greenport is used by multiple Bureaus within PA DEP and as a result can become very slow/unresponsive around the reporting deadline.

Annual Production Reports

Submittal of annual production reports are under the ePermitting reporting for all operation types. Annual reports are due by the end of January.

The due date for submission of Mine Employment and Production Reports for calendar year 2022 is January 21, 2023.

Questions or issues regarding digital submission of mining permit applications and reports can be directed via email to

Hydrologic Monitoring Reports

Submittal of permit monitoring reports (stream, groundwater sampling, etc.) is encouraged to be completed digitally under ePermitting reporting by uploading a spreadsheet associated with the permit number. Directions for reporting can be found here. The access ID will be via the mining license number.

Spreadsheets should include background data from previous quarters and be cumulative each quarter.

Please note: Any spreadsheets that include scripts/macros will not be accepted (example: Sub F/G calculations). Please check with the District Office for emailing options.


The following permit applications can be completed online

  • Bituminous Surface Mining Permit (in lieu of form 5600-PM-BMP0311)
  • Preapplication for Bituminous Surface Mining Permit
  • Coal Notice of Intent to Explore (in lieu of form 5600-FM-BMP0092)

Applications not available for submission on the e-permitting platform can be submitted via upload of application documents through the OnBase DEP Upload.

  • e-permitting Project Update and Demo 2017 WMV | MP4
  • e-permitting Coal Notice of Intent to Explore WMV | MP4


Mine operator license renewals can be done online through Greenport only if the operator requests access to eMine through the Bureau of Mining Programs. The Mine Operator License Renewal Request for Security Access will need to be submitted at the time of access request. New license applications are not available through eMine at this time.

Other Electronic Data Submission

For application submittals not yet available on the e-Permitting platform*, operators are encouraged to submit via the OnBase upload.

*License renewal applications and/or documentation cannot be accepted through OnBase at this time. All license correspondence should be sent to the attention of the Compliance Section in the Bureau of Mining Programs.

Parts of the application available on eLibrary in spreadsheet format should be submitted in xls format. Maps can be submitted as layered PDF files. For extensive applications, digital files must be submitted along with a paper version. The following guidelines should be applied:

  • Narrative portions or forms - Digitally created PDFs (where text is recognized and is searchable, not scanned static PDFs)
  • Data submittals - Spreadsheet (xls)
  • Maps, plans - Layered PDFs
  • Illustrations, diagrams, photos, proof of publication - PDF or JPG (suitable resolution)

Digital files can be uploaded to a shared location in coordination with the District Mining Office. Contact the appropriate DMO to arrange an upload. Alternatively, the files can be submitted on a portable drive (“thumb drive”). CDs are no longer accepted.

Paper copies should be submitted for the following portions:

  • Original, recorded Consents of Landowner
  • Signature/notarized sections of the application
  • Fees (by check)
  • Full size maps (1 copy unless otherwise instructed or waived)