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Online applications and report submittals are encouraged and are typically processed in a timelier manner than paper submissions. Questions about digital submission of mining permit applications and reports can be directed via email to


Operators can submit mine operator license renewals online


The following mining applications are available to complete online:

  • Bituminous Surface Mining Permit (in lieu of form 5600-PM-BMP0311)
  • Coal Notice of Intent to Explore (in lieu of form 5600-FM-BMP0092) [Electronic submittal required.]
  • e-permitting Updates

To use the e-permitting platform, the operator or their representative must name a person as an Electronic Filing Administrator (EFA). To designate an EFA – a person who can administer user access and make submissions for the listed Mine Operator – a company officer registers through the DEP Green Port. Once approved, the EFA will be notified via email. The EFA can then designate other Users (such as “Preparer”) for the stated operator for various roles in the e-permitting process.

Please see the following user guides:

Applications not available for submission on the e-permitting platform can be submitted via upload of application documents through the OnBase DEP Upload.


The following reports can be submitted electronically via Greenport:

E-Permitting Annual Production Report

Submission of Electronic Annual Production Report

Submission of Electronic HMR Data Reports

Please note: Subchapter F or G sampling results should not be submitted via this HMR process at this time.

e-permitting Webinars

E-permitting Project Update and Demo

E-permitting Coal Notice of Intent to Explore

Electronic Data Submission Format Summaries

For applicants still using paper templates, several portions of the applications should be submitted in electronic formats for ease of review. The following are guides to this type of data submission. Contact the DMO for instructions on how to submit these files during the application process.