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EMT Training Schedule

Training schedules:

2024 EMT Continuing Education Training Schedule (PDF)

For more information, contact the Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services

Traditional courses are no longer necessary. The Department of Health realizes there is no limit on the recertification process. In order to recertify, an expired EMT must submit a written request for recertification and the following information to the regional EMS:

  • Proof of previous certification
  • Proof of completion of the 24 continuing education hours (within the previous 36 months) and current CPR
  • Completed DOH/EMS Student Application
  • Completed criminal history form

CPR Information

CPR certification is good for 2 years. Therefore, it is necessary for certified EMTs to take another CPR class during each 3-year EMT certification period. You must send a copy of your current card, along with your EMT Certification Number to:

Emergency Medical Services Institute
250 Penn Avenue, Suite 2500
Pittsburgh, PA 15221-2166

Your card can also be faxed to EMSI at 412-242-7434.

You can visit their website here.