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The Department of Environmental Protection's mission is to protect Pennsylvania's air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment. We will work as partners with individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to prevent pollution and restore our natural resources.

The Bureau of Mine Safety's mission is to reduce the possibility of accidents in the underground mines and commercial operations and to protect the property connected therewith, to provide for the health and safety of the miners and contribute to the public safety in relation to deep mining activities.

Statement of Values

Public Service - We at DEP serve the public in a fair, efficient, responsive, open and honest manner. We effectively use the resources we are provided to accomplish our mission and operate efficiently. We are professionals and are fully prepared to accept responsibility for our actions.

Protection - We are responsible for the protection of the air, land and water of the Commonwealth. We carry out our jobs in ways that will promote measurable environmental improvement, cooperation, innovation and sustainable development so future generations may share our wealth.

Teamwork - We recognize that, as a Department, our responsibilities are great and our numbers few. Just as our air, land and water together make up our environment, our goals can only be accomplished if we work cooperatively and support each other in the achievement of our common purpose.

Communication - We encourage the broadest two-way communication possible with all our constituencies by involving the public in decision-making opportunities through such techniques as regulatory negotiation and stakeholder groups and by disseminating information through all means possible.

Pollution Prevention - We promote the goal of zero discharge through pollution prevention and encourage compliance assistance and problem solving to stop pollution before it starts.