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Blaster Training

License holders: Please notify the Department of any changes in your employment or contact information.

Notice: there is an error on the 2022 Blaster’s License renewal notice. The note stating that the Continued Education Training should have been completed by 8/31/2020 is wrong. The correct requirement is 8 hours of Continued Education Training to be completed between 09/01/2019 through 08/31/2022.

Training and Certification for a Blasters' License

This program applies to individuals who are interested in initially securing a blaster's license for surface operations or for adding an additional classification to an existing surface license. A person may not detonate explosives or supervise blasting activities unless the person has obtained a PA Blaster’s License in the classification required for the work they are doing. Blaster’s licenses must be renewed every three years.

The Department’s Bureau of Mining Programs is responsible for blaster’s licensing and certification. We accomplish this in part by holding training and certification classes several times each year during which we relate Commonwealth regulations as it relates to current blasting technology and common techniques. This program applies to individuals who are interested in initially securing a blaster's license for surface operations or for adding an additional classification to an existing surface license.

The regulations regarding blaster’s licensing in Pennsylvania are found in Title 25 PA Code, Chapter 210.

In general, anyone who wishes to obtain a PA Blaster’s License must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have a current ATF clearance as an employee possessor, responsible party, or ATF explosives license or permit holder.
  • Submit an application with the appropriate fee.
  • Have one year of verifiable experience in the classification being sought.
  • Have taken the Department’s training and certification class. (It is not necessary for a blaster to retake the class when adding an additional classification to a license.)
  • Have successfully passed the Department’s examination for a PA Blaster’s License in the classification being sought.

In general, anyone wishing to renew a PA Blaster’s License must:

  • Have had a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education in Department-approved courses related to blasting and safety within the 3-year period of the license.
  • Be no more than one year after the date of expiration on their license.
  • Submit their renewal form along with the appropriate fee.

If someone wishes to renew their license more than one year after the expiration date of their license they must apply for a new license.

Further information on Blaster’s License Renewal may be found at the bottom of this page.

Pennsylvania currently has the following Blaster’s License classifications:

  • General – Covers all types of above ground blasting except demolition.
  • Trenching & Construction - This license is for surface blasting for excavation not related to mining.
  • Limited – Covers limited uses of explosives above ground where the blasting is not related to excavation, such as law enforcement, research, seismic work, and industrial processes.
  • Demolition – Blaster’s license for the demolition of buildings with explosives.
  • Mine Opening – Blasting license suitable for those conducting blasting for the purpose of constructing a shaft, slope, drift or tunnel mine opening for an underground mine, either operating or under development from the surface down to the point where the mine opening connects with the mineral strata to be or being extracted.
  • Underground Industrial Minerals – License for those conducting blasting underground for the excavation of mineral resources.

Training and Exam Dates and Location for New Blaster Licenses

The General Class is for all types of PA Blaster's Licenses except for Limited, Underground Industrial Mineral and Mine Opening Licenses. The training is now being offered both in-person in a classroom setting and live streaming online. Those who wish to attend the Training & Certification Class virtually must have access to a computer or other device capable of running Microsoft Teams and a quality internet connection. For review purposes and to prepare for the class it is recommended that training materials be downloaded early in the process. A printed manual will be provided for those participating in person. The exam is taken at a physical location.

Contact the Bureau of Mining Programs at 717.783.9592 to enroll in a class or use our online enrollment form. Once you have enrolled in a class you may submit an application package for the type of license you wish to obtain.

2023 Training Dates and District Mining Office (DMO) Locations

General and Limited Blaster’s License training and exams are offered in-person + streaming three times each year at one of three different DEP Office locations. The Underground & Mine Opening training and exams are offered in-person + streaming two times per year, and are given at the Cambria District Office in Ebensburg, PA. The dates for the current year are:

General License – Moshannon DMO – March 22-24
General License – South Central Regional Office (Harrisburg, PA) – July 12-14
General License – Cambria DMO – December 13-15

Limited License – Moshannon DMO – March 16-17
Limited License – South Central Regional Office (Harrisburg, PA) – July 6-7
Limited License – Cambria DMO – December 7-8

Underground/Mine Opening – Cambria DMO – March 2-3
Underground/Mine Opening – Cambria DMO – September 7-8

A printable PDF of our 2023 Blaster’s License Training and Certification Class Calendar may be downloaded here.


Download Application for Blaster Training & Examination (PDF)

A completed application includes:

  • A notarized application.
  • Notarized letter verifying at least one year of experience under a licensed blaster including a detailed description of the type of blasting performed. Please note, you are expected to have appropriate experience to qualify for a PA Blaster’s License. We reserve the right to verify the information you provide on your application.
  • A $100 check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Please submit a completed application no later than two weeks prior to the examination date. Late applications will be scheduled for the next available session. Applications the day of the session will not be accepted.

Mailing Address:
Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Mining Programs
Division of Permitting and Compliance
P.O. Box 8461
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8461

Street address for overnight mail:
Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Mining Programs
Division of Permitting and Compliance
Attn: Blaster Licensing
400 Market St., 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Please Note: Seating may be limited. Applications may be returned or scheduled for a later session upon reaching seating capacity. If the number of students registered is low, DEP reserves the right to cancel the class.


It is recommended that you download the PA Blaster’s Training Manual (PDF) early in your preparation for the Training and Certification Class. In addition to this manual, you will be provided with printed booklets (electronically provided if taking class virtually) containing the classroom presentation materials.

The Limited License Class presentation consists of one 8-hour training day with the exam given the following morning. The General License Class presentation consists of two 8-hour days of training with the exam given on the morning of the third day. The presentations include, but not are not limited to the following:

  • Discussion and clarification of new and existing blasting regulations.
  • Instruction on calculations regarding scaled distance and blast design.
  • Instruction on proper use of seismic monitoring instruments.
  • Discussion of various explosive materials, blast initiation systems, and blasting machines.
  • Instruction in the requirement and proper use of forms and reports as required by regulations.

Class Starting Times:

  • The hours for each training session will be from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • The hours for examination will be from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  • Each applicant should bring a scientific calculator and must bring a photo identification card. Cell phone use is not permitted during the exam, including using calculator apps.
  • Confirmation for each training session will be mailed to each applicant.
Applicants may take a written examination for a blaster's license in any one of the following categories:
CategoryMinimum Passing Grade
General Blasting90%
Demolition Blasting80%
Surface Mining80%
Trenching and Construction80%

Renewal of a Current PA Blaster’s License

As noted in the Blaster’s Continuing Education Training section above, Commonwealth regulations require that a licensed blaster have at least 8 hours of relevant continuing education during the three-year life of their current license in order to qualify for license renewal. A renewal notice will be mailed to the mailing address on record, so it is vital that each blaster report any changes of mailing address or changes of employer to the Department by calling 717-783-9592.

A completed renewal includes:

  • A completed renewal notice.
  • A certificate of continued education from an approved provider.
  • A current passport sized photo (your photo must be without a head covering, no tinted glasses and with a plain background).
  • A $30 check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

License photo information:

The easiest way to submit your photo is to email a digital photo to We also accept color photos stored on compact disc and sent by mail. The photo format should be in tiff (.tif), jpeg (.jpg) or bitmap (.bmp). Please use the BL# and full name in the subject line of emailed photos. If you are unable to provide a digital photo of yourself, please contact the Department to make arrangements to have your photo taken by emailing the link above or calling 717-783-9592.

Blaster’s Continuing Education Training Hours

You must have at least 8 hours of continued education from an approved provider to renew your Pennsylvania Blaster’s License.

Blaster Continuing Education Courses Providers List (PDF)

If you offer blaster’s continuing education and wish to have your course approved for Pennsylvania licensed blasters, please contact for approval information.

PA Conferences & Events for Continuing Education

Pennsylvania Drilling and Blasting Conference – November 16-17, 2023

This conference is held at Penn State in State College, PA is one of the top blasting conferences in the country and is a great way to obtain continuing education credits while interacting with regulators and other industry professionals. For more information about the conference, you are encouraged to visit the conference website.

International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) Blaster Training Webinars

The ISEE is now offering webinars that qualify for continued education credit, but you must be aware that not all of their courses are 8 hours. You may have to take more than one ISEE course to accumulate the total number of hours needed. If you would like to enroll attend the ISEE training, please visit their webiste. You will find webinars there and may purchase each series at the indicated price. Follow this link to download the training brochure: ISEE Webinar Brochure (PDF).

Eastern PA & Mid-Atlantic ISEE Chapters 2023 Blasters' Training – June 22, 2023

This conference will be held at the Blair County Convention Center, located at One Convention Center Drive, Altoona, PA. Registration begins at 7:00am and the training will run from 8:00am - 5:00pm. If you register by June 7th, the cost is $150 for Eastern PA Chapter ISEE members or $185 for non-members (registration includes 2023 Eastern PA Chapter Membership). Lunch and breaks are included in your registration fee.

To register and sponsor the training, please visit the website.