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Blaster Training

Training and Certification for a Blasters' License

This program applies to individuals who are interested in initially securing a blaster's license for surface operations or for adding an additional classification to an existing surface license. The General Class is for all types of PA Blaster's Licenses except for Limited, Underground Industrial Mineral and Mine Opening Licenses. Contact the Bureau of Mining Programs to enroll in a class. You can submit an application package once you are enrolled in a class. Please contact the Bureau of Mining Programs at 717.783.9592 for interest in training.

Note: While in-person attendance is preferable and most conducive to learning, the class will also be streamed live for those who wish to attend virtually. Be advised that if you wish to attend virtually you will need to have a good, consistent internet connection, and you will need to use a computer or other device with access to Microsoft Teams (app or web-based). Throughout our training we use visual slideshows, videos, and diagrams that will be shared to your screen using Microsoft Teams.

Training and Exam Dates and Location for New Blaster Licenses

2023 Dates and District Mining (DMO) Office Locations

General License – Moshannon DMO – March 15-17

General License – Pottsville DMO – July 12-14

General License – Cambria DMO – December 13-15

Limited License – Moshannon DMO – March 9-10

Limited License – Pottsville DMO – July 6-7

Limited License – Cambria DMO – December 7-8

Underground/Mine Opening – Cambria DMO – April 6-7

Underground/Mine Opening – Cambria DMO – September 7-8

Training and Exam Dates and Location for Continuing Education Classes

You must have at least 8 hours of continued education from an approved provider to renew your Pennsylvania Blaster’s License.

Blaster Continuing Education Courses Providers List (PDF)

The International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) is now offering Blaster Training Webinars that qualify for Continued Education. If you would like to enroll attend the ISEE training, please go to: You will find webinars there and may purchase each series at $100.

ISEE Webinar Brochure (PDF)


Download Application for Blaster Training & Examination (PDF)

A completed application includes:

  • A notarized application
  • Notarized letter verifying at least one year of experience under a licensed blaster including a detailed description of the type of blasting performed
  • A $100 check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Please submit a completed application no later than two weeks prior to the examination date. Late applications will be scheduled for the next available session. Applications the day of the session will not be accepted.

Mailing Address:
Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Mining Programs
Division of Permitting and Compliance
P.O. Box 8461
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8461

Street address for overnight mail:
Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Mining Programs
Division of Permitting and Compliance
Attn: Christopher Catalano
400 Market St., 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17105

Please Note: Seating may be limited. Applications may be returned or scheduled for a later session upon reaching seating capacity. If the number of students registered is low, DEP reserves the right to cancel the class


Download Blaster Training Manual (PDF)

The Limited License Class presentation consists of one 8-hour training day and the General License Class presentation consists of two 8-hour days of training. The presentations include, but not are not limited to the following:

  • Discussion and clarification of new and existing blasting regulations.
  • Instruction on calculations regarding scaled distance, electric blasting and blast design.
  • Instruction on proper use of seismic instruments.
  • Discussion of various explosive materials, blast initiation systems, and blasting machines.
  • Instruction in the requirement and proper use of forms and reports as required by regulations.

Starting Times:

  • The hours for each training session will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • The hours for examination will be from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  • Each applicant should bring a scientific calculator, and must bring a photo identification card.
  • Confirmation for each training session will be mailed to each applicant.
Applicants may take a written examination for a blaster's license in any one of the following categories:
CategoryMinimum Passing Grade
General Blasting90%
Demolition Blasting80%
Surface Mining80%
Trenching and Construction80%

Renewal Of A Current PA Blasters' License

A Pennsylvania Blasters' License is renewed every three years. A renewal notice will be mailed to the mailing address on record. Any updates or corrections can be made by contacting DEP at 717-783-9592.

A completed renewal includes:

  • A completed renewal notice
  • A certificate of continued education from an approved provider
  • A current passport sized photo (your photo must be without a head covering, no tinted glasses and with a plain background)
  • A $30 check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

License Photo Information

We accept passport size color photos, compact disc photos and electronic format by email. Photos may be sent to for email delivery. The photo format should be in tiff (.tif), jpeg (.jpg) or bitmap (.bmp). Please use the BL# and full name in the subject line of emailed photos.