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PA's Award Winning Reclamation Projects

The Morgan Run Recreational Facility (West Decatur Post Office) Project, Clearfield County, Wins the 2023 Appalachian Regional Award

The Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area - Bear Valley Project, Northumberland County, Wins the 2022 OSMRE National AML Reclamation Award

The Stineman Refuse Pile – Path of the Flood Trail Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Reclamation Project, Cambria County, Wins the 2021 Appalachian Regional Award

The Ehrenfeld AML Pilot Reclamation / Recreation & Watershed Improvement Project, Cambria County, Wins the 2020 OSMRE National AML Reclamation Award

Huling Branch AML Reclamation/ATV Recreation and Watershed Improvement Project, Clinton County, Wins the 2017 National AMR Award

Mather Refuse Pile Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project, Greene County, Wins the 2016 Appalachian Regional Award

Simpson Northeast Coal Refuse Fire Accelerated Response Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project, Lackawanna County, Wins the 2015 Appalachian Regional Award

Newtown South II-2 Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project, Schuylkill County, Wins the 2013 National Excellence in Reclamation Award

Dents Run AML/AMD Ecosystem Restoration Project, Elk County, Wins the 2012 National AMR Award

Newport North Reclamation Project, Luzerne County, Wins the 2011 National AMR Award

Barnes-Watkins Refuse Pile Reclamation Project, Cambria County, Wins the 2010 AMR Award

West Suscon Reclamation Project, Luzerne County, Wins the 2009 National AMR Award

Fishing Run Restoration and Maude Mine Reclamation Project, Allegheny County, Wins the 2008 Appalachian Region AMR Award

Kalp and Melcroft AMD Abatement Project, Fayette County, Wins the 2007 Eastern Region AMR Award

Monongahela South No. 1 Reclamation Project, Washington County, Wins the 2006 Eastern Region AMR Award

Muddy Creek East Reclamation Project Wins the 1998 Appalachian Region AMR Award

Upper Lehigh Reclamation Project Wins the 1997 Appalachian Region and National AMR Awards

Adrian Southeast Reclamation Project Wins a 1993 AMR Award

Click on the OSM Awards Link to view further information about the national OSM reclamation awards program.