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Energy Innovations and Technology Deployment

Our goal is to effectively work with citizen's groups, businesses, trade organizations, local governments and communities to reduce pollution and save energy. Part of that effort includes encouraging the deployment and use of innovative environmental and advanced energy technologies, including renewable energy.

The Pennsylvania comprehensive energy analysis, "Energy in Pennsylvania: Past, Present, and Future" (PDF) report provides statistical detail regarding energy production and consumption in the Commonwealth to policymakers, energy producers, interested consumers and other stakeholders. The report includes local and national data regarding production, pricing, market share by energy type and geographical patterns. Supporting narrative provides insight regarding causal factors underlying trends in production, consumption and conservation.

What's New

Funding Programs - This is a list of the energy and green technology funding programs offered by DEP and other commonwealth agencies, sorted by eligible candidate. This makes it easy for organizations, individuals, etc. to find out instantly which programs they're eligible for.

PA Biodiesel Infrastucture Sufficient to Require 2% Biodiesel by 2010 (PDF)
PA Dept. of Agriculture certifies sufficient infrastructure exists in PA to require B2 by 2010. Click the link above to read the letter.

PA PUC AEPS Website: The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has launched a website to provide information regarding the requirements of the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS), which mandates the use of alternative energy sources to generate a certain percentage of electricity sold at retail in the state.

PA Solar Share Fact Sheet (PDF)
Thanks to the AEPS Act of 2004, 18 percent of electricity sold at retail in Pennsylvania in 2021 will be required to be generated from alternative energy sources, including 800 MW from solar energy.

Energy Tips:

U.S. Dept. of Energy opens Stay Warm, Save Money web site with Energy Savings Tips.