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Mechanical Integrity Assessment

The Mechanical Integrity Assessment (MIA) is a regulatory-based process used to inspect, assess and record quarterly well integrity data for operating oil and gas wells. This quarterly inspection is required by regulation under 25 Pa. Code § 78.88, Mechanical Integrity of Operating Wells. Please note that only one quarterly inspection result must be reported annually for conventional well sites, whereas all four quarterly inspection results must be reported annually for unconventional well sites to demonstrate compliance with 25 Pa. Code Chapter 78, Section 78.88(e). Also note that this requirement does not apply to underground gas storage wells, wells that have been granted inactive status, and those regulated under the EPA's Underground Injection Control Program; monitoring and assessment of those wells is addressed under other sections of Chapter 78. Annual reports for wells included under the MIA requirement must be submitted to the Department by no later than Feb. 15 of the year following the inspections. MIA annual reporting forms, instructions, a streamlined user guide and other helpful information may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below.

DEP Mechanical Integrity Assessment Report
Submitting Well Integrity Data
Mechanical Integrity Form C Training and Instructions
FAQ and Other Instructions:
Mechanical Integrity Assessment For Home-Use (On-Site Use) Wells

The regulations under 25 Pa. Code § 78.88 require that all operating oil and gas wells in the state be inspected at least once per quarter – this includes wells that produce oil and/or gas exclusively for use on the property where they are located, i.e., no oil or gas is sold for distribution. Well inspections are very important for ensuring that wells are operated safely and in a manner that protects the Commonwealth's valuable water resources.

MIA Home-Use Forms and Instructions:
MIA Training Video Tutorial for Home-Use Wells

The following tutorial presents guidance for home-use well owners. It reviews how to perform basic well inspections to satisfy the requirements set forth in the Regulatory Code. It also describes the basic components of an operating well and provides additional resources for contacting the Department if you have questions regarding the MIA Program. Finally, the tutorial includes examples of how to fill out the paper inspection form.