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Air Quality Index Reports

The AQI reports on five major air pollutants: ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. An AQI value is given for each monitoring site and pollutant. The overall AQI for a site is the highest index value of any of the pollutants. As levels of any or all of these air pollutants rise beyond health standards, precautionary health warnings are triggered.

Northwest PA
Southwest PA
Central PA
Northeast PA
Lehigh Valley
Southeast PA

Please click on the county groups for AQI reports in that area. The AQI reports are updated hourly at half-past the hour.

The AQI reports use the following key to describe Air Quality

Color AQI Air Quality
Green 0-50  Good
Yellow 51-100  Moderate
Orange 101-150  Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Red 151-200  Unhealthy
Purple 201-300  Very Unhealthy
Maroon >300  Hazardous

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