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​Project Consultation and Submission

Welcome to RPCO’s Project Consultation and Submission page.

Since RPCO primarily handles large and complex projects, it is strongly encouraged that applicants contact our office early in the project planning process. The permitting process tends to be more efficient when communication between the applicant and the Department is regular. We encourage applicants to contact us early to either schedule a consultation for projects early in development, or for a preapplication meeting for projects that are further along in the design process.  When in doubt, feel free to contact our office for assistance. For more project specific information, please see the boxes on the right.

Given the diverse nature and scope of projects and environmental regulations in Pennsylvania, DEP developed the Permit Application Consultation Tool. The tool is intended to help applicants determine which types of environmental permits, authorizations or notifications may be required and where to submit them. We strongly urge applicants to utilize this tool prior to submitting any permit.

The following documents should be used to assist the regulated community when submitting electronic applications that are being reviewed and approved by RPCO.

Once an applicant is ready to submit their permit applications, they will do so electronically using DEPs OnBase System or ePermitting System. RPCO does not accept paper submissions with the exception of any necessary permit application fees not submitted through ePermitting which would be mailed to the address below.  

Contact Information

PA Department of Environmental Protection
Regional Permit Coordination Office
400 Market Street
10th Floor Rachel Carson State Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717-772-5987