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​​Warren Generating Station

Site Background

The Site comprises approximately 119 acres of developed and undeveloped land, with the substation occupying an additional 3 acres, currently leased to FirstEnergy.  

The current use of the Site includes the Warren Combustion Turbine (CT) facility owned by Warren Generation LLC.  The CT is a 57-megawatt natural gas- and distillate fuel oil-fired electric generating station, which consists of one operational simple-cycle CT and ancillary equipment and systems. Fuel for the CT is delivered by pipeline (natural gas) and tanker truck (oil). 

The Site previously had housed two coal-fired 40-megawatt steam electric generation units (Units 1 and 2), which were installed in 1948 and 1949, respectively, and retired in September 2002. Since the units’ retirement in 2002, all coal has been removed from the Site. 

Historically two on-site landfills were utilized: the North Disposal area, located northwest of the power generation facilities, was closed in 1984 via capping with native soils; and the South Disposal area, located west of the power generation facilities, was closed 2003 via capping with native soils. Waste materials placed in these landfills consisted of fly ash, bottom ash, and pyrites.  The South Disposal Area was operated under Solid Waste Permit No. 300858.  The Ash Pond Nos. 1 & 2 were closed in 2002-2003.  

  • On September 24, 2004, PADEP accepted the final certifications including: 
  • Construction of the existing Leachate Storage Impoundment within former Ash Pond 1 
  • Closure of the South Ash Disposal Site 
  • Closure of Ash Ponds 1 & 2 
  • Coal Yard reclamation

The landfills have a leachate collection system, which includes an underdrain blanket and dual piping system, leachate collection manholes around the perimeter of the landfills, and a leachate collection pond which pumps to an onsite Industrial Wastewater Treatment System. The leachate pond is located within the footprint of one of the former ash ponds. Treated leachate is discharged to the adjacent Allegheny River via Outfall 002. 

The outfall is located near the center of the southern portion of the Site property.

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