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Epiphany Allegheny LLC Project

This page contains information concerning applications associated with the previously proposed Epiphany Allegheny, LLC project, which has been withdrawn by the applicant. To view the Department's files on this proposed project in their entirety, please contact the North-central Regional Office to schedule a file review. Epiphany Allegheny, LLC previously proposed to construct a 1,000 bbl (42,000 gallon) per day Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facility (CWT), to be located adjacent to the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), located in Eulalia Township, Potter County. The proposed Epiphany project consisted of receiving oil and gas waste water (flowback and production brines) for processing in a multi-stage process.

Air Quality Program

Waterways And Wetlands Program

Epiphany WQM Permit

CAMA Change in Waste Application