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Governor's Innovation Office

The Governor's Innovation Office is dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity in state government operations. The office reviews, approves and tracks initiatives by state agencies to save money, increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Initiatives undertaken by the office are largely accomplished using project teams comprised of existing employees from across state agencies. These agency Innovation Teams (I-Teams) also recommend new initiatives for consideration by the office.

Innovation at DEP

At DEP, numerous projects are underway to increase efficiency, streamline processes and improve service such as the Permit Review Process and Permit Decision Guarantee, the development of the Permit Application Consultation Tool (PACT) and the Oil and Gas Electronic Well Permitting project known as e-Well.

DEP was given the "Best Display" award at the July 13, 2013, Innovation Expo for its DEP at Home exhibit. It competed against other state agencies for this honor.

DEP at Home is an initiative created by the department to educate residents about steps they can take in and around their homes to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It includes an interactive, traveling exhibit to promote energy conservation and sustainable building materials.

Pictured are members of the team who worked to create the exhibit.
DEP at Home